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7 Ways to Personalize Your College Digs

Starting college is always an amazing experience, but it can sometimes be dampened by realizing that you’ve switched the cosy comforts of home for a drab bare room. So if your dorm is in need of a little spicing up, then here are 7 tips to get it personalized and looking fab!

Display Your Photos

Just because you’ve left home doesn’t mean that you should forget all of the people you’ve left behind; add photo frames and pictures to your walls and shelves, so that you’ve got a constant reminder of all of the amazing friends that you need to keep in touch with. It might also remind you to give your folks a call every once in a while!


Decorate the Walls

But photos are just one way to add a bit of color to your walls, so how about buying some posters too? Lots of colleges have poster sales, but you can easily order a few online if not. Whether the pictures are of your favorite band, your favorite movie or even just a humorous quote, they’ll freshen up your room and give it some much needed personality!

But if you’re not a fan of posters, then why not try some wall decals? They’ll peel off when you move out and there are lots of designs to choose from online.


Choose Colorful Soft Furnishings

One of the largest surfaces in your room is your bed. So ditch the boring plain cover and find something bright and cheerful. A lively color will help you to get up in the morning and you can even color co-ordinate it with the rest of your room.


Experiment with Layout

Whether you’re in a shared room or on your own, just because the room is structured one way doesn’t mean that’s the way it needs to be!  Most dorm furniture can be moved and you may find that a quick adjustment to your bedside tables gives you more privacy or more space.


Buy Some Storage

There’s nothing worse than decorating your room beautifully and then just messing it up. Cluttered rooms lead to cluttered minds, so make sure sufficient storage is in place to ensure this doesn’t happen. Start college armed with lever arch files and folders aplenty and make sure to buy a washing bag to store your dirty clothes.


Create a Gallery Wall

Lots of dorms come complete with a pinboard, but rather than just pinning up a few timetables and leaflets, instead transform this space into a fun collage or gallery wall! You could even use it as a clever way to store your jewellery.


Get a Rug

Dorm rooms aren’t known for their nice carpets, so transform this space with a gorgeous rug. A deep-pile rug is lovely to step on in the morning, just think of it as a present for your toes! But always make sure to choose a rug that’s easily washable as college students are rather prone to spills!


So that’s my lowdown on the best ways to personalize your college dorm, but have you found any other ways to make it look great?


Estelle Page is an interior designer with a passion for personalization! Not one for magnolia, she leaves bright splashes of colour wherever she goes and she’s always keen to share her latest hints and tips. A keen writer, she currently blogs for Out There Interiors.

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