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Amazing Ways to Make Glass a Definitive Feature of Your Home Design

Glass can transform your home design into an elegant, modern living area, not to mention it will make any space look and feel bigger!

Opting for granite and marble features in your house just does not provide a home with the uniqueness it once created, and it can look terribly out of date. Unlike other materials, glass can be combined with other wooden or metal features in your house can provide a visually innovative and striking design.

Here are some of the options you have to make glass a definitive feature of your home design…


Custom Designed Glass Doors, Walls & Partitioning

Glass can offer a fresh, well-lit and spacious environment. To create this atmosphere in your home, order custom designed glass that will be totally unique to your home.

Glass does not have to be limited to standard splashbacks; you can use it as an entire wall. You can have glass partitioning to divide rooms with a clear transparency that makes your home look modern and spacious. The glass can also be customized with your own personal touch printed onto glass sheeting or mosaic tiles.

The glass used for a wall should however be safety glass that is extra tough, to withstand any accidental knocks or damage without cracking. The surface used also has to be flat such as concrete, tiles, or MDF.

Glass doors between rooms look great, with optional colouring or frosting for privacy while maintaining clear transparency that lets the light through. Numerous patterns and shapes can also be used to give you interior design options beyond the normal decorating possibilities.

Glass also provides the opportunity to use just about any colour possible, and to select the darkness of your tinge. Glass can give you a running coloured theme throughout your house and therefore uniqueness with your very own personal stamp!


Glass Accessories

There is a fantastic range to the glass furniture out there to give your house an all-round, definitive modern look. Alternate colours for your glass furnishings for an incredibly arty finish, or use similar coloured glass throughout your home to tie the look together and keep it modern yet traditional.

Accessory options available in glass include radiators, fireplaces, staircases, frosted or coloured covers for lights and lampshades. These accessories will really help make the glass features a focal point for the room!


Glass Splashbacks 

Having glass splashbacks for kitchens, worktops, and coffee tables is a relatively common house feature but still looks aesthetically pleasing, and you also have the option to again add a coloured tinge to keep within the theme of your other glass features.

Marble or granite kitchen worktops were once the height of modernity but are now pretty standard, so glass can add a really up-to-date touch to your space. Glass also wears incredibly well so it’s a great choice for an investment, and it’s completely water-tight so perfect for a kitchen or bathroom.


What amazing glass features do you have in your home to give it that distinctive modern edge?


Estelle Page is an interior designer and is incredibly passionate about the incredible ways in which you can design a home to look refreshingly unique and modern. She blogs for Loveglass about glass-based interior design.

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