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BMW Debuts 4-Series Coupe Concept

BMW’s legendary 3-Series Coupe has long been considered the industry standard of what a driver’s car truly is. From the handling, to the steering, to power, the 3-Series out paced and out classed other models with ease, earning BMW numerous awards in the process.But now BMW plans on doing away with the 3-Series Coupe in favor of a new model dubbed the 4-Series.

The BMW 4-Series Coupe Concept is longer and wider than the 3-Series but stills keeps it’s familiar design and car lines with an updated kidney grille and twin circular LED headlamps. BMW has been mum on details about the power-train and options that will go into the new model once it goes into production, but you can bet it’ll be powerful. Expect BMW to stay true to form and offer several different ranges of the 4-Series, with a M4 sitting at the top of the hill.


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