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Chris Ninos, Florida Man, Rewarded By Bosses For Hard Work With New Car

After the recent election it seemed that the American country was divided between the “job creators,” and regular workers. But that not the case for Chris Ninos and the company he works for. Chris Ninos was rewarded by his bosses with a brand spanking new 2012 Ford Escape, which is in his name and not a company car. Ninos, who resides in Boca Raton, has been working for BMI Elite for the last two years as the company’s chief financial officer and has been described by his bosses as one of the most “loyal, honest, trustworthy and hardworking employees” at the advertising firm. Ninos was going out to lunch with his coworkers, or so he thought, when they insisted on stopping by a nearby Ford dealership. It was there that he got the surprise of a lifetime when he was handed the keys to his new 2012 Ford Escape.

“Some people said they thought I was going to have a coronary right there,” Ninos told the Sun Sentinel. “I went to sit in the car and I almost started to cry.” Dan Lansman, the president of the company, said “He’s been driving the same car, I think, since I’ve known him, which is about almost 11 years now, and he’s been talking about getting a new car and just not wanting to do something for himself like that.”

Brandon Rosen added that Nino was “deserving of the big gift because he’s the type of employee who treats the company as his own.” It’s always refreshing to hear about companies that actually care about their employees.

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