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Lottery Winners Mary & Brian Lohse Donate Millions To Son’s School

Mary and Brian Lohse


UPDATE: is in no way affiliated with lottery winners Mary and Brian Lohse, nor are we working with them to donate any money. It is a hoax.

Mary and Brian Lohse, the couple from Iowa won a $202 million Powerball, put their money to good use by donating $3 million dollars to their son’s high school so they can build a new football stadium. But the donation came with one stipulation. The Lohse’s wanted the visitor’s locker room to be painted pink, and the school agreed.

The Bondurant-Farrar school district agreed to those stipulations and accepted the $3 million dollar gift from the Lohse’s on Monday, according to The Des Moines Register. The only other request from the Lohse’s was for the new stadium to be built before the start of the fall 2014 football season, which will be their oldest son’s senior year in high-school.

Mary Lohse got the inspiration for the pink lockers from the University of Iowa visitor’s locker room at Kinnick Stadium, which also sports pink lockers. “It’s supposed to put them in a certain soft frame of mind,” Mary Lohse said. “It will certainly give all the players something to talk about.”

“It not only gives us the opportunity to accelerate the stadium project, but to advance other plans for projects within the district as well,” school board President Kristin Swift said.


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  1. Simon Samuel Aaron

    Tell me more about your origination.

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  3. AMIR Abdou et INZOU Ali

    On est deux personnes dont les numeros ont été selectionnés, il s’agit de :
    AMIR Abdou, né le 31/12/1975 à Mirontsy Anjouan Comores
    Tel : 00269 3344801

    INZOU Ali , né en 1971 à Mirontsy Anjouan Comores
    Tel : 00269349916. E-mail :

    Nous deux, avons été chargés de vous contacter par le couple Mary et Brian Lohse dans le cadre de la donnation

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    Hello, i got your message, thank you Mary & Brian Lohse, wish you reach your name is souhail fouad monzer from lebanon-middle east.

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    Helloo , Ive got your Massage ,thank you marry and brian lohse
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  10. Thank you very much Mrs Mary and Mr. Brian.

    i have received your text message and your email.

    my name is yusef allaf from Tripoli, Lebanon

    phone: +96171045799

  11. hello Mrs and Mr lohse,
    i am sending an email but it could not be send, it says:

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    Thank you…

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    Thank you very much Mrs. Mary and Mr. Brian
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    My name is Hasan ahmmad taleb from beirut_lebanon and thank u very much

  16. Mr&Mrs Brian and Mary

    Dear Brian and Mary
    I receive your text massage on my number +96171051406 it’s very interesting and Thank You very much.My name is Mekides Nega Elfineh i live in Beirut,Lebanon
    God bless you

  17. Thank u so much mrs mary and mr brian i have receive your text message on my mobile number. +96171045250 my name is sabina nadim nohra from beirut lebanon thank u

  18. Mr&Mrs. Brian and Mary: I received the text last Jan.19,2013 and I send back my reply in your email add.Thank you very much.My number is 0096171047986 I’m from Philippines work as helper in a house and my address here in Lebanon is Monsef ,Jbeil ,Beirut Lebanon and email add: is will bless you always and your family.

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  20. boutros yousef tannous

    hello Mr. and Mrs lohse.My name is boutros yousef tannous.I received your text message,thank you so much.I live in ain l delb/saida,Lebanon.My phone number is +96171039202.God bless you

  21. This is a trick

  22. Hello! Mein Name ist Hodzic Muhamed! Ich komm aus Austria in 2130 Lanzendorf!
    Meine Email Adresse ist ich hab von euch diese SMS bekommen!! Gott sei mit euch!

  23. This is a trap. Someone they try to extort money using the winnings.

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  25. in any newspapers do not write about it I can not find anything about it

  26. Hellooo.
    did anyone received an email about making account in crystalgate trust bank and have to put deposit of 950$???
    if it’s a trick put ur comment so we can be safe and if someone win also tell us…
    thank u

  27. Do not do it. I know it would be beautiful that szczęściażem but it is a trap. Someone worked hard on it but not all of them are stupid ..

  28. Do not do it. I know it would be beautiful to be so lucky but this is a trap. Someone worked hard on it but not all of them are stupid ..

  29. did the information is enouch her!!! because i cant sending it by the mail !!!

  30. hello ! mr and mrs. Lohse . i have just recieved your messages and thank you for being a good-hearted person . God bless you more . I am Concepcion Guibao , working as a domistic helper in kuwait but now im in the philippines for my vacation . Your donation will be a great help to everybody especially here in the philippines cause we have just face a very great calamity brought by the typhoon . Only. i want to ask how avail it . My contact number is +639109387938 . thank you !

  31. Catalina Gutiérrez

    * Dear Brian and Mary Lohse, I’ve got your Massage*

    First of all I, wanted to thank you for your kindness and generosity.
    This donation will certainly help me, finishing my studies and life
    projects….my dream is to be able to help people and animals. I´m already
    a nurse, and I was working as a volunteer In hospital Notre Dame Maritime
    (in Beirut, Lebanon), but I couldn´t continued because first I need to
    become a registered nurse, wich is a very expensive thing for me, and m
    family, and also here in Lebanon we don´t have
    people that are trained to help me achieve that goal, but with these
    donation, It will be possible, I am sure!.

    > Here are all the details that you have asked me, if anything is missing, please do not hesitate to ask.

    1. My First name is: Catalina Inés.
    2. My Surname/Last name: Gutiérrez Matta.
    3. Address: Immeuble Boukater. Rue das Ambassades (Nacache).Lebanon
    Beirut (Middle East).
    4. My Mobile number (which received the text message): +961 71 03 12

  32. Dear Brian and Mary Lohse I want to thank u for the great heart that u hold , i work in a library and i was waiting for a small push like this one to finish my studies that i stopped from 5 years, and second i want to help all person in my country that need a help to survive in life, god bless you regards Rabih

  33. Dear Brian and Mary
    God bless you… I’ve got your message… and i replied via email… hope the level of poverty in my region will be reduce by your help…
    Best regards

  34. Hello Marie and Brian Lohse I also received your message, and now I don’t know what to do with it. Who ever you do get this donation or is it all an elaborate hoax ? My name is Кусовник Vladimir I of Russia . If someone has received a donation, please tell us all about it.

  35. Dear Brian and Mary

    I want to know is it really is not a trick because I do not want to suffer what could I do to say how things are here.?

  36. Can someone confirm that this is actually or not ?

  37. Dear Brian and Mary
    God bess you..
    My name is : Zeinab al housseini
    im from south lebanon
    my phone number : +96170506297
    thanx a lot :) and i wish your help dear :)

  38. I would really like to understand may in fact Marie and Brian and do not know what is around them winning is happening. And many swindlers using their names stealing from honest citizens and confiscate ,through the deception of the last that they may be.!!!!!!!!!!!!

  39. Thank u so much mrs mary and mr brian i have receive your text message on my mobile number. +96170144115 my name is elias izzat al hajj from beirut lebanon thank u

  40. Why do I think that the trick? Because someone wants me to open an account and left it there 1000E … I checked the internet and I can not find any information from Mery and Brajan decided to help some people all over the world. Give me some links, page wktórej Brajan Mery and decided to give 1500000 million. dollars. for people all over the world

  41. Dear …. Brian and Mary……..
    I sent SMS to you to mail as you and asked……

    God, your family will bless you…..

    1 . Name / Valerian


    3.Father’s name / Valerii….

    I live in the city of Kishinev, Moldova……..

    my contact phone +37369297592……….

  42. Hi I am naji kourani my nombre phon is 0096170504613 you send to my email a message …pleas cal to my phon if you

  43. Hi Brian & Mary..Im Vuda…thank you for your kind donation..but please let you know that we have requested from the bank to open an account i deposit the money US$1000.00 and they said they will transfer but now its on hold for the Money laundering they told me to pay US$7500 which i really cant afford..they cant give our money back which was deposited..i really need your help…you can contact me on 679 9473332.

  44. dear Brian& Mary..we really need your help …i just work very hard just to get US1000 and send it to the bank to open an account…and now its on hold by Money laundering we cannot withdraw or deposit until we pay US 7500…I really can afford it, please if you can help me…i really need your help…

  45. Hello dear Brian and Marie I’m talking about you accidentally learned I got the message on the phone, allegedly on your behalf and suggested donation in my name in the amount of 1500000$ a Little talked with them, I realized that it is a hoax and no money is actually not. I am sincerely happy for you and wish you only the best . Type arrogance and ask you can you can take a loan for a couple of years I do not need any money irrevocably I am ready to consider proposals on the loan and interest If you have any suggestions are always glad to see you on my e-mail address Maybe it’s not an accident at all. And with your money I could help men twenty or more to find a permanent job in their home country. Please don’t understand me wrong . My name is Kusovnik Vladimir . from Russia . All good Waiting for the proposals. And know your money will not be wasted.

  46. My name is Safaa Cozma I replied mike pirlo for donation to alleviate poverty in my region.You said to let you know thanks


    hello brian and mary
    i got ur sms to my phone +6591747764 thank you very much that you chose me as one of poor people and giving your donation to me
    my name Arlyn Carriedo from philippines but i am now in singapore working as Domestic Helper
    my e mail add
    once again thank you very much and god bless

  48. Im mahmoud kharrat my number is 96170200523 i really need even a part of this money please contact me

  49. manal fhad essmail

    Dear Brain & marry
    I have rseaved ur message about the 10
    Luck numbers.
    My name is manal fhad essmail
    Wife of samer abed al khalek
    my telphone number +961 71050125
    im waiting to reply to me
    at last i wish good time and & a better luck
    i dont know to say more than that

  50. hello Brian and Maria,i’ve got your message and i answered by email,i want to know more about the donation,and when i will can receive your donation?

  51. thank you a lot dear Brian and Mary, i appreciate your donations .God bless you

  52. Hello! God bless you Mr. Brian and Mrs. Mary, I am so lucky to be one of your recepients.
    However, my name is Zeinab Thaker Rasheed and I live in Majdalzoun, a very rural small village in the South of Lebanon.. I will be very cheerfull and people here will be thankful to you if you help us.. My phone number is 96170648546.. Thank you for your great help :)

  53. i don’t think any person that he/she well donate his/her money in a different people that he/she doesn’t knowing them.

  54. thank you i received the message at my inbox and i want more details

  55. oliver ulangca yumang

    dear brian and mary
    god bless you… ive got the message too..that is a big chance to help people in my rigion..apologoze in my english im not good in english speaking.^^

  56. oliver ulangca yumang

    by the way im from the palawan philippines

  57. oliver ulangca yumang

    sir i can not contact John Scholer Investment. this is my number.09192621359

  58. oliver ulangca yumang

    sir this is my info oliver ulangca yumang
    2.add: poblacion narra, palawan, philippines

  59. Here at all who ever comes? All have had this deception fill?

  60. what the heck is it going to my bank or what im confused …

  61. Hello Mr.Brian and Miss.Marie,
    I have just recieved your email to contact Mike Pirlo Investment and i did.. These are my information
    1-Full Name:Saadine Omran
    2-Telephone number:0096170639229
    3-Address: Aramoun Al dawha, Al basheer Library street,Abboud Building, 3rd Floor
    4-Occupation: Not employed and recently graduated.

    Thanks you alot for your help i dont know how can i thank you.
    Saadine Omran

  62. I sent to mr pirlo my address and my cellphone number and my full name and I am from lebanon I am a student and I wish you a best life and I want to thank you its a big push for me :)

  63. Thank you very much and wishes you to live a happy life

  64. Dear Mary and Brain Lohse
    God bless

    I have just recieved your email to contact Tom White. inc@ consultent and i did.. These are my information
    1-Full Name:Mhanna Alsayfi
    2-Telephone number:009613640856
    email : ribo_jojo@ hotmail. Com
    3-Address: Aghmid-Aley- Main Street -1st floor
    4-Occupation: I am Not employed and I am a farmer
    Thank you very much

  65. Mingie Joy B. Tamang

    Hi Mr & Mrs. Lohse I received your message regarding the donation from you and I send you a email to claim the donation and also sent to mr John investment how can i claim the donation for me to help my country..i need more details thanks more power GodBless

  66. why a big number of people received your messege didn’t you said that this donation is just for 10 persons?!

  67. mubarak almansouri

    I have got your msg
    My name is mubarak almansouri
    I am from united arab eimarets
    My tel number is
    And thank you

  68. Hi Mr. Brian I have received your message at +971508151252
    I hope I’m one of these ten winners

  69. Hi Mr. Brian I have received your message at +971508141044
    I hope I’m one of these ten winners

  70. Dear Brian and Mary,
    I received your e-mail and i replied also. My Name is Amado Jr. Deang Gonzales from United Arab Emirates. My Mobile No. is +971508161877 i am one of the lucky winners. please tell me the next procedure to claim my prize to help poverty peoples.
    Best Regards, Amado (+971508161877)

  71. Hi mr brian and mary thank ur very much

  72. wissam abed alhay

    Dear Mary and Brian Lohse …

    thank you very much … I replied your message again with my full information,I really hope to be one of these ten winners …

    GOD bless you …

    Best Regards

  73. hi Brian and Mary Lohse…..i can’t believe if the text i received is true….my email is from the philippines….waiting for your instructions thanks and more power1

  74. Dear Mr. Brain & Mrs. Mary lohse.. I hope you stop playing on our nurves .. Do you enjoy mocking our pour societies and just call your self ^the good group^

  75. Dear Mary Lohse,

    Thanks for your email. I have got your email. I am lucky to be a part of this charity. My mobile number is 00971505617483. You tell me how can I contact with you or receive my prize as well.

    Thanks and best regards

    Md. Nurul Amin.

  76. 10 Lucky Individuals?????? how come there are more than 10 people here posting?? this is a crap..

  77. I thought only 10 lucky winners will win it seems like 100’z had got the winning text :/!

  78. buenas noches soy mayra guerra cherigo soy panameña de panama y ustedes me manda un correo de telefono hace 3 dias y sabe al traducir estas palabras o msm es triste q usen y engañen a las personas soy domestica madre soltera de 4 hijos y ber la pobresa q uno pasa asta de pasar hambre con sus hijos una mujer como yo es justo q me manden un correo y ilucionar la gente ya ystedes tienen mi dato si q ber para creer y si esto es para jugar como eran 10 persons y hay mas de 82 msm q ban hacer con tanta gente y me da una tristesa enorme q el dinero arregle sus vidas sabe yo estoy segura con mi dinero q cobro en mi quincena de150 dolares tengo para poner un pan en mi mesa para mi y mis hijos si quieren contactarme o dejarme un msm q sea positivo los felicito bien por ustedes q tuvieron su suerte pero no se engaña a la suerte

  79. Tq Mary and drain my name is Judy lee Swee Kim I stay in Singapore blk 42 #05-295 sim drives s(380042)
    Hand phone 90049288
    Hope can hear you as soon

  80. Hey is my kennet knutsen from norway tancks you are good pepole

  81. Hello mr Brian and mrs lohse
    It’s Ali HAmze from Lebanon
    Your amazing people

  82. this is a scam, everybody,dont send your money to this people,many people have lost there money in this,and like you see its over 100 people geting msg to get donation from lohse family,this is not real,

  83. Sorry Mary and Brian can send me one more time information that bank contact number I receive your messenger but I lost the bank number hope you send one time tq

  84. Hello Dear Brian & Mary…

    I received your message by donation…

    My e-mail is:… I´m a Pastor of Church in Panama and we have a fundation with dedicated to help the people with family problem, problem with drugs and other problems in the society…

    I hope received this donation, by help more people, because we have 10 church in the ministry…

    My phone numbers are: 507-6673-1988 / 6687-4192 / 6262-8339 / 6431-0333 / 6101-2823

    God Bless you…

  85. Eufemia D. Tabaque

    Dear Mary and Brian,
    Thank you for picking me as one of the 10 luckiest person to recieve a donation .
    i’m EUFEMIA D. TABAQUE from Philppines currently working here in UNITED ARAB EMIRATES as a house maid.The main issue or problem in our country is PPOVERTY.Ihope your donation can help a lot of people in my country.Thank you so much and congratulations.
    My contact # 971561524653

  86. Franciane Araujo Franciso

    Dear Brian and Mary, thank you for the trust you, I hope that the Lord Jehovah give me insight on how to use that amount that you are in donating. I pray to God for the life of you, you can open the good treasure him the sky over your life. Thank you very much. Franciane Araujo Francisco – Brazil Phone: +552188940168

  87. Did SOMEONE GET THE MONEY?Or it is not a true!????????????

  88. It really looks like a scam, a trap, someone should tell mary and brian, people are using their names for this…terrible.

  89. Shah Alam Chowdhury

    Dear Brian and Mary….!
    God bless you……..!!!
    I’ve got your text message…and replied via email…..
    …..But I don’t know what to do with it…. Who ever you do get this donation or is it all an elaborate hoax……?
    My Name is : Shah Alam Chowdhury…from Bangladesh, Now Living UAE…

    If someone has received a donation, Please tell us all about it……..
    Hope the level of poverty in my region will be reduce your help……..!!!

    Best regards…..

    • shahalam bai amio ei mesage paise kinto jani na koto toko shotti hobe…jodi kiso hoy to ami apnak janabo…

  90. hey thnx for d offer but hope its all d truth….NOT fake…..if sumone gets this money then reply sayg ya its not fake…n as sumone said…Y MORE THEN TEN PEOPLE..who received this mesge…??????????????????????

  91. Ermilito A. Ordonez

    Hello Marie and Brian Lohse I also received your message, and now I don’t know what to do with it. Who ever you do get this donation or is it all an elaborate hoax ? My name is Ermilito A. Ordonez…my email: mobile number: +639192617091….Thank you for your great help :)

  92. Ermilito A. Ordonez

    Dear Brian and Mary
    God bless you… I’ve got your message… and i replied via email… hope the level of poverty in my region will be reduce by your help…please tell us all about it.

  93. Scam watch Australia

    Scam alert this is a massive scam if anyone here has sent any money as a clearance fee etc you have done your $$ all the details here including email address website contact details have been passed onto the Australian federal police here in Australia and I recommend that everyone sent this email do the same in there own countries the more people that report this the less. Chance that they will rip other people off

  94. God bless you… I’ve got your message… and i replied via email… hope the level of poverty in my region will be reduce by your help… my name is alaa assaad

    is this story is true or nol

  95. hey guys just would like to say thank u and i have emailed you my details

  96. Hi this is Isidori Mtabo, the writer of this article. I just wanted to let you guys know that there is no money or contest. It is an elaborate scam. We are in no way affiliated with Brian and Mary, nor have we ever been. Please do not respond or send these liars any money

  97. Hi sir. I am Rafiqul Islam my Mobil no .0096555231125 my emill my mobil caning one messages form this bomber +14163194649 please till me what is this thank you

  98. kenneth knutsen norway skien

    I am so sad i have bin hacket on my computer pomise mi 1500000 usd .i have winn in lottery fuck them .i have pomise o help anader pepole end red cros my kristen misjon.

  99. I am number 108 who has received this message
    And from the beginning I knew
    It’s a fake one
    Up to now non of these
    People have received a cent
    And for sure they won’t get
    A cent from me
    So why all the thanks and blessing
    For something you haven’t received
    They should be punished not thanked

  100. Please people don’t dream
    It’s all rubbish
    Delete these message as soon as you receive them
    Because its a dirty game

  101. I do not know why you left so duped? can someone tell me if you received money from them? anyone in this world does not give you much money for free. lets be serious. who has so much money he has in mind only. and I received the same message and who knows how many others have received but have not seen any of the money., do not be stupid and think it stupid.

  102. many people have received the same message. but nobody took any of this money. I do not understand, who are you people, and why? fooling people? God is great and you will see. who laughs last, laughs best.

  103. To Brian and Mary

    To Brian and Mary, you are angles and trully have special hearts. I hope im not to late with my reply, also ive sent a reply email now with all required. Again your generosity is very needed in many parts of the world and ill endeavour to fur fill the needs of those less fortunate. Hear from you soon HOPFULLY fingers crossed. Kennth Petrovic
    God bless youx

  104. nedin biogradlic

    Meyby its war hehhehehehe tencks

  105. Sent in my deepest heart felt response quite a white ago very ecstatic as u all may be but NOTHING even if i gave up my life to help other’s bla bla bla what a load of rubbish how the &^$$ dare you get ppls hope’s and emotions up, get a get life and stick to your words or at least reply to all the people you txt messaged and email (i got both) God-willing you all will find your wealth in life were ever it may bem God-willing.
    . K.J.Petrovic.

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