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22 Men Freed From Pirates Reign Of Terror For Over 1,000 Days

Somali PiratesCan you imagine being taken captive by Somali pirates?  What about being taken captive and held hostage for over 1,000 days?  Members of MV Iceberg 1 were taken hostage nearly three years ago, and recently were set free after the terrifying experience.

They were given the basics of rice and water to survive, so their health has had to have taken a pretty hard toll.  Either way, the Puntland Maritime Police Force was able to free the 22 hostages, ending the longest pirate-run hostage situation in our history.  The ship was taken over by Somali pirates in March of 2010 and since then the crew has had to live in the worst conditions.  Besides a shower, some decent food, and warmth I’m sure they are extremely happy to be home again.

And really, what better gift could you receive this holiday season, than your loved one back?  This is a heart warming story, and hopefully they can re-unite with their families and enjoy this happy holiday season.  Hopefully this experience will help in preventing more Somali pirates from succeeding in their line of work.  Such a blessing to see these guys come home safe and sound.

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