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Deciding The Colour Of Your Bathroom

The Colour Of Your Bathroom

If you are looking to sell your home then take note of what the professionals have to say. The sale of a home often stands or falls on the kitchen or the bathroom. Studies have shown that most potential buyers prefer white bathroom suites to coloured ones. In the nineteen seventies there was a vogue for salmon pink or green bathroom suites but these days colours can make or break a sale.

Even if you are not planning to sell your home, you still have to live in the place so make sure that the colour of your bathroom is one that you can live with. Begin by taking a good look around the bathroom, remember that this is a place where you want to feel relaxed and cosseted, not  blinded with colour.

White toilets, hand basins and baths are favourite with most people. White is a fresh looking colour and often makes a bathroom look sparkling clean, providing you’ve removed the ring from the tub.

Size is Important

Bathrooms are not all the same size, which means that you need to choose a suite that is big enough for your needs, but not so big that it swamps any space that the bathroom has left. One way of creating more space is to install a corner bath and a small wash basin without a vanity cupboard underneath. The thing you want least in a small bathroom is lots of colour.

Neutral is Best

Most people don’t like a bathroom that screams at them, forget the royal blues and pillar box reds when it comes to deciding on a colour scheme for your bathroom. Black and white tiles and flooring are quite popular but becoming a bit hackneyed. Try thinking outside the box, if you’ve got a lot of chrome in your bathroom, i.e. taps, shelves etc, why not consider silver paintwork for extra light and brilliance.

Keep your bathroom colour scheme as neutral as possible. If you absolutely must have pink or blue paintwork then make sure that the colours are pale. You don’t want to be hit in the eye with salmon pink every time you enter the bathroom, so keep things quiet. You can always add some colour to a neutral bathroom with bath mats and towels.


Not all bathrooms have the luxury of a lot of natural light so make sure that the lighting you choose makes up for this lack. Most men shave in the bathroom and a lot of women apply their makeup in the bathroom so make sure that there is adequate lighting and a mirror over or close to the sink. If you want to look your best every morning, then pink tones in a bathroom can help to add extra warmth to your skin.

Floors and Tiles

When it comes to floors and tiling in a bathroom, favourites tend to be earthy colours or neutral beige as an alternative to black and white. If your bathroom is large then it is more likely to take well to some colour depth than a small bathroom. No matter what your colour choice remember to take the size of your bathroom into consideration.

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