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How to set up Google’s two-step verification

How to set up Google's two-step verificationThe internet has become an invaluable resource, connecting people from all frontiers of the globe. There is a lot of sharing of information and this has undeniably brought opportunities closer home but has also brought its own share of problems. Google is one of the companies that is custodial to a lot of personal information which people entrust it to the company in the course of opening email accounts and other transactions. While there is a security policy that Google has put in place to ensure the security of the information provided, there are chances that loopholes could exist meaning personal information could be hacked. This leads to loss of information or worse still information falling into the wrong hands. Such information could include very sensitive information such as automated teller machines passwords or very important codes leading to some secretive and confidential information databases. Hacking can have adverse effects on the financial security or even physical security of the person concerned.

The 2-step verification process

Recognizing such threats and looming danger, Google has come up with a security measure which provides an added layer of security to the information at their custody. This measure aims at protecting amongst other information the passwords which as experience have shown could be linked to other vital accounts operated by the users else where. This second layer of added security is known 2-step verification. As the name suggests, this measure takes the verification process through another step before giving access to the information requested or before one can gain access to his or her account. The process requires the users to identify themselves in two independent processes which inculcate the use of phone numbers and code verification. The trust that this process has won explains why it is commonly used by bank websites to ensure the safety of online accounts.

The setting up of the 2-step verification has been designed in such a way that the system asks the most relevant questions and also takes some time to set up. The least time the verification takes to be set up is about fifteen minutes. The user is advised that the information he or she feeds into the system be done with care and utmost security. Remember that this is a security measure and the user should also play his part by ensuring that the information he provides is not divulged to any other person lest the whole process is jeopardized. In addition to providing the primary phone numbers, Google understands pretty well that phones gets lost or stolen in the course of time. When such incidents happen, the use of alternative numbers has been well accommodated in the system. The user during the verification process is prompted to key in an alternative number which can be used in the event that the primary phone number is no longer in use.  The 2-step verification process is prompted the moment a user attempts to key in their password in an attempt to access their account.

Google requests the user to input their phone number through which they send a code via short message service (SMS). The code once received by the user is input into the system or alternatively an option also exists to call in with the code to verify it. Each time this code is entered by the user followed by the password, Google systems know for sure that it is the original owner who wants access to his account.

To some it may seem inconvenient and a bit cumbersome but it is a worth exercise to ensure security of your Google account. Google verification process just utilizes things that only you, as the owner of the account should have i.e. your phone, username and your password. It would be very hard for a hacker to gain access to your phone as well as password for your Google account and this ensures that your account information is intact.

It is worth noting that there is usually an option for the system to remember your code for a time frame of 30 days and thus you do not have to keep on re-entering the codes with that set time period. This can be an easier alternative for some Google users though not the best option especially if you have very confidential information in your account.

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