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Ways to Use Your Artificial Christmas Tree After Christmas
Monday , October 15 2018
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Ways to Use Your Artificial Christmas Tree After Christmas

Artificial Christmas Tree

Christmas is over and it’s time to pack up your decorations. In lieu of a real tree, you chose to purchase an artificial Christmas tree. While you may wish to pack up the tree and put it back in the garage, you have other options. An artificial Christmas tree can serve many purposes long after the holiday season is over.

The following options are even more important if this is your last year with the artificial tree. These trees are typically made from PVC (polyvinyl chloride) plastics, which can be harmful if placed in a landfill. Consider the following suggestions to find a new purpose for your artificial Christmas tree.

Year-Round Uses for Artificial Trees

Saving a tree from a landfill, or keeping it out of the garage, is a great way to get the most out of your artificial Christmas tree. Below are some options that will breathe new life into your artificial tree.

  • Creative Hunting Blinds. Any hunter knows that you often need to conceal yourself while hunting. Deer, turkeys and any other type of game can see and smell you coming from miles away. Artificial Christmas trees can be repurposed into permanent hunting blinds. All you need to do is build a hunting blind by stacking the limbs in a strategic location to form a wall. You may even wish to seek out others’ artificial trees to make multiple blinds. Since they won’t rot, decompose or lose color, they make ideal hunting blinds. These new artificial forts will gather debris, such as twigs and leaves, over time. This enhances their usefulness. They can then be used as a home base for hunting trips or a place to hide and stalk your prey.
  • Make a Wreath. While most wreaths are considered Christmas decorations, they can also be crafted into year-round wreaths that will add a touch of green to any room. This option is for artificial trees that would otherwise be disposed of, as you will be cutting the tree apart. Gather several supplies: wire cutters, florist’s tape, additional wire and any other crafts you’d like to incorporate. Start cutting off the branches and bending them into a circle. Cover any exposed metal with the florist’s tape. You will need to reinforce the circle with your additional wire to create a sturdy wreath. As you wrap your wreath in a circle, add other elements such as bows and pinecones. Within an hour or two, you’ll have a new wreath made from repurposed artificial trees.
  • Line Baskets. From gift baskets to picnic baskets, many people regularly use baskets. You can use the sprigs from your old, or current, tree to line baskets. These sprigs can be placed in the bottom of the basket for creative flair. Artificial sprigs are highly malleable, meaning they can be molded to fit the bottom of any basket. When it’s Christmas time again, they can be molded back to their original shape and reconnected to the tree.
  • Creative Centerpieces. Sprigs can be combined with pinecones in a large clear bowl to create a conversation-starting centerpiece. If you do not plan on using the sprigs again, you can use wire-cutters to create intricate designs. Let your creativity run wild, and soon you’ll have distinctive centerpieces.

Give Your Artificial Christmas Tree a New Life

These ideas can help give your artificial tree a new life once the holidays are over. This will extend the functionality of your tree, making it useful for years to come. For hunting purposes and as centerpieces and linings, it’s easy to re-invent your artificial tree.


About the Author: Paul Swanson is a contributing writer and holiday blogger. He buys artificial Christmas trees from Balsam Hill.

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