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Top 5 Industries With Highest Paid Unskilled Workers

Highest Paid Unskilled Workers

Unskilled workers don’t always receive the credit that they deserve. They arguably make the world functional and inhabitable. Without them, we would face extreme pollution levels, scarce food levels, and most likely a halt in all human progress. Where college isn’t always an option, for these men and women of the unskilled work force, they seek careers that will bring them a suitable income. Five of the best industries these men and women can choose from are the oil industry, sanitation industry, electrical and electronic repair, construction, and mining. The fact that these industries are labeled “unskilled”, does not mean they are easy or you don’t need skills to work in them. Truth is, you need a lot of skills, a lot of training, and most importantly, a lot of hard work.

1.) Oil Riggers

The oil industry offers many well paying career, but it does not come easy. In most cases, employees live on a base with their co-workers, and work long, rotating, off and on shifts. These shifts typically last 12 hours. Most companies have their employees work 12 consecutive 12 hour days, then about 3 weeks off. Lodging and food is most often provided by the company. The salaries in the oil industry have more than doubled since 2008. As time goes by, the salaries of this industry are likely to continue increasing. This industry is incredibly dangerous, having a death rate of 31:100000, and oil spills that destroy wildlife. The demand for oil is growing every day, which has led to a surplus of oil rigging jobs. The average salary is approximately $42,000 with paid lodging and food, this is a certainly a fast way to save money.

2.) Sanitation Workers

The starting salaries in the sanitation industry stink almost as much as the garbage, don’t let this scare you away though. Even though, the starting salary of a sanitation worker is near minimum wage, after a few years of hard work and experience gained, you could easily be making up to $50,000. The job itself is very repetitious and laborious, and often unpleasant smelling. This is an excellent job, that often doesn’t require previous experience, and offers great benefits. Without sanitation workers, this world would be a very miserable place, kudos to the garbage man.

3) Electrical and Electronic Repair

In a world of technology, the demand for electrical/electronic repairmen are growing by the second. It is completely more affordable and logical to repair, compared to replace. This industry does require some experience and training, but most companies do offer training. The average salary for a worker in this industry in nearly $70,000, this is likely to rise as technology advances. The average work week usually only consist of 40 hours, and offers good benefits. This is an ideal job, if you consider yourself tech savvy.

4) Construction

Construction workers are known for being some of the hardest working people in the entire work force. They are portrayed as large muscular men, who can build anything with their own hands. While this may be a bit exaggerated, these men and and women do deserve some credit. They build skyscrapers, homes, streets, schools, and many other things. The pay is great too, on average earning upwards to $70,000. The work is hard, the days are long, but you learn many great skills and earn a great living.

5) Mining

The mining industry offers opportunities capable of earning anywhere from $80,000 to $200,000. There are many jobs to choose from in the mining industry, such as underground miners, drillers, electricians, haul truck and machine operators, and more. Safety is of great importance, while working in the mines. The slightest mistake could lead to disasters, this is why miners go through many safety training seminars. Mining companies also, often require certain qualifications and certificates before they can allow people into the mines. In the long run, it is definitely worth completing any classes and training to qualify for a mining position.

There are many “unskilled” jobs in this world, even better paying with the more qualifications that you have. The oil industry, sanitation industry, electrical and electronic repair, construction, and mining are some of the best paying jobs of the “unskilled” work force. Never hesitate calling your preferred industry leader, and inquiring more information about the job you are interested in.


Article inspired by Australia Mining.

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