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Film and Digital Photographs, Which Do You Prefer?
Monday , October 15 2018
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Film and Digital Photographs, Which Do You Prefer?

Digital PhotographsTaking pictures. There has been a progression of technology for almost 200 years as photographers capture moments in time. Starting with the camera obscura, a device used around the time of the ancient Chinese and Greeks that used a pinhole or a lens to project an image of a scene upside-down onto a viewing surface, and ending, at least for now, with digital high-definition cameras.

When cameras began their shift from using rolls of film to internal or memory cards, there was a split in the community of photographers. Some preferred the film to the digital and some the digital to film. But which was better? Well that is in the eyes of the photographer.

Most people will get a better photograph out of digital cameras, but the art of using film can produce pictures that are unlike some taken with digital cameras. Film takes much more work and so much more can go wrong with the different factors that are present as compared to the digital photograph that only takes the press of a button.

The highlights in photographs are often what make the difference between a digital and a film picture. There’s an overload that comes with film for too light or washed out photos, but the same cannot be said for digital. Anything white is overexposed with digital and this goes for cheap pocket cameras to expensive DSLRs and even to professional digital camera that can cost as much as a house. In this sense, film mimics the eye better than digital.

The debate may be about 35mm users being used to the film and the cameras they have come to enjoy for so long. Change can be hard especially when it comes to technology, but there is still no answer as to which is better than another. Digital may have more accurate colors and may be more convenient, and film may have better resolution and a broader range of colors with no fear of being erased, but there is no final answer as to which is better than the other.

Grab a digital camera and a film camera and see for yourself. However you chose to make moments in time stay forever, just enjoy yourself and don’t be worried about which is better than the other.


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