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Tips for Hiring a Reputable Moving Company

Moving CompanyAfter days of consideration, and the threat of injuring your back, you’ve decided to hire a moving company. This task seemed simple at first, but a few more days of scouring the Internet for a reputable establishment has left you frustrated. From a great recommendation to using the Better Business Bureau, there are many tricks that will help you find a professional, licensed and reliable moving company.


The best place to start is by asking your friends, family members, co-workers and everyone else you trust for a recommendation. Inquire about the company’s rates, insurance offered and if the workmen acted in a professional manner and treated their belongings well. If you hear nothing but stellar news, that’s a good sign. On the other hand, you might find yourself hearing nothing but complaints. If this occurs, consider yourself lucky you didn’t suffer an equally appalling experience.

Question Everything

Once you have a few moving companies in mind, start the interview process.  Again, keep in mind these are the individuals you’re entrusting your children’s toys, family heirlooms and your HDTV with, so there’s no such thing as being too intrusive. You may have a list of your own questions, but here are a few to add:


  • Registration. Every moving company must possess a valid registration number with the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration (FMCSA). If the company is unable or unwilling to offer their registration number, walk away.
  • Estimate. Ask the company for a rate, and specifically how the number is calculated. Look for an establishment that provides a per pound and per distance rate, and not a number based on cubic feet.
  • Insurance. Ask about the company’s insurance rates and if they offer any additional coverage. The average mover offers a 60 cent-per-pound insurance, which won’t be enough to cover the cost of a lost or damaged box.
  • Subcontractors. Your moving company might use subcontractors, which is normal and no cause for alarm. However, ask for the subcontractors’ name and contact information.

Red Flags

Moving companies mostly want your belongings to make it to your new home without incident. Unfortunately, there are a few spoiled apples in every bunch. Here are several warning signs to watch for when interviewing a moving company:


  • Over-the-phone quote. A respectable moving company will perform a thorough inspection of your home and offer you a quote based on their findings. If the company is unwilling to drive by the house and offers you a quote over the phone instead, walk away.
  • The Website. Sure, the company’s website is flashy, but you’re having trouble finding any contact, licensing or insurance information. This is a major sign you need to keep looking.
  • Additional Insurance? If the moving company assures you their insurance is all you need, walk away. Any reputable organization will at least mention, and many times insist, you purchase additional coverage.


You’ve finally found a moving company that fits your needs, but there is still one area you must cover: the cost to ship a car. Luckily, it’s less expensive than you might think. Using a vehicle-shipping company ensures your precious automobile makes it to your new home safely.


About the Author: Jackson Barrows is a blogger and classic car collector. Jackson is relocating his fleet of classic Mustangs to a new garage, and relies on a vehicle shipping company to transport his prized possessions.

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