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Stress and Type 2 Diabetes; Beware Men

diabetes-type-ii-2Obesity is known as the most commonly known risk factor for diabetes of type 2. However, there is another potential issue that we should not underestimate – stress. According to one of the latest studies made by scientists, men who are experiencing constant stress have greater risk of getting this kind of diabetes rather than men who are not experiencing large amounts of stress.

Many people might ask the question – how serious is the permanent stress?

Well, permanent stress is also known as chronic stress has a really large impact on people’s health no matter their age. Some of the symptoms that will help you diagnose yourself is constant headache, bowel syndrome, cardiovascular disease.

This type of stress is also playing really important role in the mental health of people. This stress might disrupt the social life of a person. Thus, one will start feeling not so well and start experiencing some of the above mentioned syndromes.

The latest research that showed the results that we mentioned was performed on more than 8000 men of 35 or more year old. The research was conducted by Swedish scientists at the University of Gothenburg. More than 6500 men from those who participated (and had previous forms of diabetes) volunteered.

16% of those men said that they have been experiencing chronic stress in the last 1 to 5 years. And during this period the scientists determined that in more than 900 of them – type 2 diabetes occurred.

Other group of men, who said they have also been experiencing permanent stress, had 50% higher risk at getting diabetes type 2 than all other men who claimed they did not experience any stress at all. Important fact that should not be missed here is that this study was applied on men only and thus the results on women are unknown.

Of course there is also some good news about this study and it is stress can be managed. According to Masuma Novak, the leader scientist of this research every person who thinks that is experiencing lots of stress should take a few days off and re-think its way of life. This will help him improve his social life and prevent future type 2 diabetes.

Therefore, it is really important for both men and women to take all of the above mentioned steps in order to reduce the risk and prevent future causes of diabetes. Interesting activities that may help you reduce the stress are meditation, exercises, tai chi, massage, yoga, deep breathing. If you are experiencing any stress – make sure you do anything to change your lifestyle because this will help you a lot.

Another problem that might increase the risk of diabetes is the obese weight. This is why you would have to lose weight. The easiest way to do this is to combine high-fiber diet and low-fat healthy food. Also measure your blood pressure regularly and try to maintain it in limits. Don’t miss to check your glucose levels as well. In case they are off the limits, some natural supplements might help you – licorice root, fenugreek. However, don’t forget to consult your health care consultant because he is the person who will help you with all of the above mentioned activities.

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