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In The Same Dress: Lala and Fergie

Do I spot twins?! Lala Anthony and Fergie were spotted wearing the same Givenchy printed sleeveless dress. No, they did not wear the dress at the same event. Fergie wore the dress to her 37th birthday bash held at 1 Oak Nightclub on March 30. A week earlier,  Lala wore the dress for a visit with Anderson Cooper in Manhattan to promote her reality show La La’s Full Court Life.

Even though their shoes were different and also were the hairdos, no one really pays attention to those “small” details.

Lala gives us advice from her blog ( ) about handling this situation.

1. Handle it with grace. Don’t talk smack or cower in the corner. Act like it’s no big deal, and no one else will think it is.

2. Have a sense of humor. Go up to your fashion doppelganger and tell her how much you love her dress and ask her where she got it. You can laugh about it together and ease the tension in the room.

3. Wear it better. You know you rocked it! Dress with confidence and all eyes will be on you even if the whole room wearing the same thing.

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