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BLKHRT: New Designer Talks About his Dream


I was recently introduced by fellow fashion blogger Closet Fix to a new and upcoming designer paving his own way in the fashion world. He goes by the name Antwan and his clothing line is called BLKHRT.  Antwan was nice enough to give me an insight to what made him start his clothing line and tell me more about his inspiration behind BLKHRT. 

What made you want to become a designer? How did you get your start?

What made me want to become a designer were the quotes that I had written. It sounds different but I wanted to show the world my writings. I started a book and I wanted to bring life to it. I thought if I put quotes and words on clothing in a stylish way, the words would always be remembered. I know probably no one has ever created a fashion line from a book and that’s why I feel my line is unique and original.  I started with my logo. It’s an image of my pen name, Twa BlackHeart. I took my love for wolves and added it with my heart that doesn’t quit on me. It means strength of the heart. I put my logo on a couple of shirts and the reaction I received from people made me pursue it even more.


What would you call your style of design?

I would call my line punk high fashion. The way the fashion industry is going with women wearing boyfriend Jeans and spikes, I would consider my clothes in the same fashion. Also you can wear my shirts with accessories, skirts and heels. For men you can wear my shirts under a sports jacket, to make it casual and sporty.


Who are the people who would wear your clothing?

The people who would wear my clothes are people who inspired for more. The dreamers. The words on the clothes and the meaning behind my line inspires you to feel good.


How would you describe your clothing line?

I describe my line as “free.” What I mean is you can be who you are and look good at the same time. My line has different styles. It’s sporty, punk, rock, sexy, stylish, grown and has swag.


Is there one look or outfit that you designed that you would consider your most favorite?

My favorite look is the first design I created. I have several designs printed and sketched but the first one is the one that started it all. I like to stay loyal and without that first one, none of this would be possible. What’s so funny about that is, my first design isn’t a part of the spring collection. It will be a part of the summer collection.


If you could choose any celebrity living or dead to “dress” who would it be and why?

If I had a choice to dress a celebrity, that celebrity would be Spike Lee. I like that Spike Lee goes in between the lines of casual but sporty. Spike always talk about inspiring individuals to do better. That’s exactly what my line represents and I’ll love to see him in my varsity with [my] blkhrt logo.


What’s the biggest challenge when taking a piece from drawing to real life?

The biggest challenge of taking a sketch to real life is keeping every detail of the sketch. Sometimes the graphic designer has hard times trying to recreate the sketch to digital. Most times I don’t know what the graphic designer is  talking about but I [understand] the frustration.


What are you dreams for your line 5 years from now? 10 years from now?

My dream for my line is to be successful. I [want to be] one of the  top 5 clothing lines sold worldwide. I want to see  thousands of people wearing my clothes. I try not to put any time [constraints] on my success. I don’t think 5 years or 10 years down the line, when all of this can happen tomorrow. Today, depending on the [popularity] of the product, that same product can be worth millions [in no time].


With shows like Project Runway on TV, would you ever wanted to participate in one of these types of shows? What would make your show different if you did have one?

I’m not sure if I would want to participate in a fashion TV show. I would rather style the cast members of the show with my fashion line. If I had a chance to make a show, it would be about [someone] who has the most determination to outlast the other competitors. Whatever field you’re in, you would be tested with different tasks to see if you can overcome. I [would] called it, “Do You Have A BlkHrt?”


Who in your opinion has flawless style?

In my opinion of who has flawless style I would choose Rihanna. She has many styles and every time I see her, she looks good.


Name your three favorite shopping destinations?

My top three favorite shopping destinations are (1) SoHo, NY,  (2) Fifth Avenue, NY and (3) 145th & Broadway, NY. I’m from Harlem and that area have exclusive urban wear.


Would you ever consider expanding your clothing? Out west? Internationally?

I’m working on expanding my fashion line now. I’m working with a PR company over in Paris. Also I always had love for the west coast since I’ve been young. I definitely want to take a few ventures to the west coast and the midwest.


Any future projects you want to plug or share with our readers?

There are many projects I have that are done and ready to get going. I’m just focus on my fashion line at this point. If I had to plug one other venture, it would be my book I wrote titled “Just Thoughts Free Art”. It’s written similar to spoken word and poetry but I kept it simple with my style. Without my book this fashion line wouldn’t exist. If you enjoy this fashion line, I guarantee you’ll enjoy my book.


I’m excited for Antwan and BLKHRT and wish him the best as he expands and introduces the world to his dream. Look forward to see what more is to come from BIKHRT!

If you are interested in Antwan’s Blkhrt Clothing Line feel free to contact him below:

Instagram: @madeperfectinc

Twitter: @twablackheart



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