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DRAMA ALERT: Azealia Banks And The Stone Roses

Azealiza Banks, a Harlem rapper, can not say away from drama. She has been in a couple of frueds in the past few months. In early January, Banks made headlines by engaging in an extended twitter frued with rapper Angel Haze, which hover over to include celebrity blogger Perez Hilton. In recent weeks, she also took on Baauer after the DJ had her remix of “Harlem Shake” removed from Soundcloud. This time around it was with a band called, The Stone Roses.

After performing at Australia’s Future Music Festival on Friday, the rapper accused the Stone Roses, who were also playing the festival, of intentionally sabotaging her set at the request of her former manager, which is her ex-manager now.

That same day, Banks decided to share her thoughts on twitter.

“Big apologies on behalf of the stone roses to my fans at the festival today.”

“My ex tour manager made a pact with the stone roses saying they’d sabotage my set because I fired him. And they decided to check their equipment behind me during my set. Fuck those old saggy white n***as stone roses.”

“I wish them nothing but excrement and death.”

I really think Azealia went to far this time, but all her fans know she does not take ANYTHING too lightly.


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