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Gucci Mane’s 5 Best Rap Lyrics About White Girls

Gucci Mane is known for making trap music and also for having rap lyrics that describe white woman. Gucci has mention inb his song that, “Gucci  keep that white girl.” From recent and pervious songs by Gucci, reveals that he seems to love white girls just as much as they love him.

Check out Below Gucci’s 5 best white girl lyrics!”

Gucci Mane “Wasted” 

“Racing, Chevy beating, booty/butt chasing/Spring bling, 50 thousand, white girls shaking/Some dancing naked, but everyone’s wasted.”

Gucci Mane “Coca Coca” 

“You couldn’t see me with binoculars/White girl with me; Cindy Lauper/Multi deep like Frank Sinatra.”

Gucci Mane “I’m In Love With A White Girl” 

“I fell in love with that white girl (white girl)/I love them pretty little white white girls (white girls)/I’m in the spot full of white girls (white girls)/I’m in the drop with the white girl (white girl).”

Gucci Mane “Walking Lick” 

“Gucci shoes, no shoe-strings/Shit, every word means two things/So the white girl is my boo thang.”

Gucci Mane “15th & The 1st”

“It’s a white girl in town: name is “cocaine”/It’s some dirty birds in town: Gucci Mane & Waka Flame/We fly in, I’m buyin, say you got more birds? You lyin.”

Gucci Mane “Spread The Word” 

“And ain’t no broke niggas coming to my house/Got that white girl call her Amy Winehouse”


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