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Gun Control Getting Serious

U.S. President Barack Obama speaks about tightening gun regulations during a visit to the Denver Police Academy in DenverEveryone is on edge about all the talk about gun control laws. As we have recently been seeing, talk is not cheap. Each day we get closer and closer to the cracking down on gun regulations and today is no different.

Harry Reid most likely has the votes on gun control legislation to clear its first procedural hurdle. This is definitely a victory for the gun control community, yet unfortunately this does not guarantees the bill’s passage.

At least eight Republican senators said they would  support bringing the measures to the Senate floor for amendment and debate. If this number remains so high,  Reid will have the 60 votes needed to progress on gun policy reform.

Senator Lindsey Graham says, “As long as we get amendments, no, I want to proceed to the bill,” he said, when asked about a filibuster. “I think we should be allowed to amend it. I’m not afraid of this debate, I welcome this debate.”

So the only Democrats so far that stand in Reid’s way has to worry about are Max Baucus and Mark Pryor.

“My primary focus is the state of Montana,” said Baucus. “They’re my employers. I’m just an employee … I’m just going to wait and see what’s proposed.”

I guess we will wait and see what happens.

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