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NASA Reveals Plan For Capturing Asteroid

iNASA would like to identify an asteroid in space, figure out how to  apprehend it, and finally, send it into orbit around the moon.

This was announced by the agency on Wednesday of this week. The captured would not be performed manually, rather robotic-ally. After the asteroid is relocated, it wold be a place for space explorers to  study and possibly a subject to be mined by entrepreneurs.

“This mission represents an unprecedented technological feat that will lead to new scientific discoveries and technological capabilities and help protect our home planet,” NASA administrator Charles Bolden stated.

“This asteroid initiative brings together the best of NASA’s science, technology, and human exploration efforts to achieve the president’s goal of sending humans to an asteroid by 2025” Bolden further said.

 A robotic spacecraft would have the ability to drag a 23 foot, 500 ton asteroid using technology that is currently available. It is estimated that the project would cost about $2.6 billion, however, officials of NASA say that number will be far less.

I guess for now, all we can do is wait and see how NASA’s plan plays out. From the research done, it seems as if the plan should go off without a hitch.

What do you think of NASA’s plan?

-Amber O.

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