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Rare Moment of Good News in Aftermath of Moore Tornado

en_0520_dogextended_1_480x360If you are like me you have been watching and reading up on the recent Tornado that hit  Moore, Oklahoma on Monday.

During a CBS new segment a moment of joy and happiness occurred when a storm victim being interviewed found her dog!

Barbara Garcia, local resident was talking about the destruction her home faced when the EF5 Tornado hit and another resident close by spotted something moving among the rubble. After taking a closer look and moving some of the  in the way Garcia’s dog Cathy came running out!

When asked what her emotions where when she found her dog Garcia said, “I thought God just answered one prayer, to let me be okay. He answered both of them. Because this was my second prayer,” Garcia told the reporter after the TV crew helped her free the dog.

Many stories have been coming out in this time of horror that have bought  joy and happiness to local residents. When you see the footage of the destruction many people can’t believe it, now image the people who live there and now have to cope with  the  devastation of Moore, Oklahoma.

Check out the footage of the rescue below:


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