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Activist Bring Smiles to Residents in Kabul: “We Believe in Balloons”

We Believe in Balloons

If you’re like most Americans you don’t exactly keep up with international news besides what you may hear on the nightly news before bed. But recently the Taliban has taken over a compound in Kabul, Afghanistan. The war with Taliban insurgents continues as we enter the 12th year since the U.S. first invaded the Country to help get rid of the Taliban. There was a militant assault just recently that killed four people and six of the attackers.

How can you bring smiles to those who live int he area? Well, Yazmany Arboleda, a Colombian American artist came up with “We Believe in Balloons.” In which, over 100 Afghan artists and other volunteers from around the world wrote messages of peace inside balloons and handed out over 10,000 colorful balloons to residents.

They bought smiles to residents in downtown Kabul. Imagine walking down the street headed to the local market only to see people with balloons. As they hand you the balloon, we look inside and see a peace of love and peace. How would that make you feel? Well let’s hope that it not only brings you a smile but some hope. Hope int he future that things will get better soon. Hope that soon all the violence will end. Hope that no more people will be injured or killed.

I think Arboleda said it best when he stated,  “We hope that by giving away 10,000 pink balloons, we will give this city 10,000 ideas of life beyond war.”

Arboleda, who has also organized events in India, Japan, and Kenya, said the Afghan version is important to allow the world to see who are the country’s people. That it’s not always about the endless fights. He also stated, “I see this project as a platform that transforms the single story…. into multiple narratives that highlight our shared humanity.”



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