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The SS Nomadic Gets Restored And Prepares For Visitors


It’s been over a 100 years since the Titanic set sail and sank, but visitors now have the chance to get to know the “little sister” of the ship. The SS Nomadic will be available to visit at another Titanic themed visitor centre.

The Belfast has restored the SS Nomadic, a project that costed nearly 9 million euro pounds.  The ship is now located on the Hamilton dock just a short walking distance from the Titanic Belfast visitor centre. Denis Rooney, businessman and former head of the International Fund for Ireland, believes that it will “complement rather than compete” with the original world attraction.

The Nomadic was built alongside the Titanic by ship designer Thomas Andrews at the Harland and Wolff Belfast shipyard.  The Nomadic is quarter the size of the Titanic, which has four vessels instead of five. The Nomadic was running from 1911 to 1968 and is now back on dock in preparation for the second launching on Saturday.

Rooney is confident that the ship will attract more than 40,000 visitors each year to make it fully viable. Rooney is also the chairman of the Nomadic Charitable Trust, which was responsible for the refurbishment of the ship. He states, “I think the Nomadic complements the Titanic visitor centre which has been a huge success.” Adding, “You can actually get a sense of having a genuine Titanic experience. But as well as that we have our own rich stories about the Nomadic, about the wars, about the crews, about the passengers …”

Visitors of the Nomadic are able to tour the vessel for about an hour. They walk along the various decks and view the first class bar and reception area. Visitors can also get a first hand experience at the class systems of the period by viewing separate lounges and gangways.


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