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Building Your Dream Home? 5 Dilemmas to Dodge

image01For many DIY enthusiasts, the thought of buying a plot of land and building the house they’ve always wanted is merely a dream that doesn’t come true. The cost of the project and the time that needs to be invested simply prevents any ideas from getting off the ground.

However, for some, their dream does come true! The funding is secured, and the designs are ready… So what problems are prospective homebuilders going to face? And what can they do to overcome them?

Know your limits

Even if you’re a builder by trade, there will be times when you find you can’t do everything on your own. Get a great team behind you who are willing to work hard to see your dreams through to reality.
Doing everything yourself might seem like the cheapest option but even with your extensive knowledge, pushing yourself beyond your own limitations can be risky not only for your project, but your health as well.

Be flexible

No amount of planning will guarantee that your build will finish on schedule. Be realistic about your expectations, be flexible with your timings and expect the unexpected to happen. Everything from bad weather to planning restrictions can hinder the completion of a project. Go in with a good attitude, and you’re more likely to succeed.

Think about where you’ll live

Keeping your family holed up in a dingy caravan for the entirety of the build probably isn’t the best idea. Most projects run over schedule and budget, and nobody likes caravans – even people who own them. Everybody will hate each other, there’s no privacy, and your decision-making ability will be greatly hindered if your other half has smashed your over the head with a frying pan.

Hire a generator from the get-go

Most self-builders think that they can get away without generators for the first few weeks of their build. But in reality, thinking about generator hire straight away will ensure that you hit the ground running!
A good generator will keep a site lit when the sun goes down, and keep cups of tea available at all times. Keep your builders happy, and everything else will fall in to place!

Stick to your budget, Big Spender!

One of the most important things to remember during your self-build is keeping your money close. Try as stringently as you can to stick to your budget. Obviously, unexpected problems can arise, but set some money aside for these. Don’t just throw money at problems and expect them to go away. Unplanned spending can go horribly wrong and you could end up running out of funds before the foundations are even in!

Avoiding common issues and problem areas, and sticking to some simple rules can help ensure your self-build project runs smoothly. Now just wait for Grand Designs to call…


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