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Recent Engineer Grads: Seven Reasons to Go Into Oil and Gas

Working in the oil and gas industry as an engineer has several perks that often have people lining up for jobs. Fortunately, there are many Randstad oil and gas jobs related to engineering to fill that desire for workers.

This Is a Booming Industry

Oil and gas is a booming industry with many available jobs. This means you have a very good chance of finding employment in the field as an engineer. Even those who have no experience, such as recent grads, stand a solid chance of finding employment in the field.

You Would Be Hard-Pressed to Find a Higher Pay

Each and every worker on an oil field receives a level of remuneration that is typically above the industry average. This is a very attractive feature for new engineers entering the field, because it means you won’t have to start out with a low income. Then, once you have the experience, you will be able to get a job elsewhere if you decided to leave the oil and gas industry.

Job Security Is an Important Feature

The oil and gas sector is a booming industry and will likely be booming for a long time. As the developing world gradually begins to drive more and more, there will be an increased demand for oil and gas to fuel not only the cars, but also other components to an industrialized nation.

There Is a Wide Choice of Employment

Because there are so many oil wells operating throughout the world, and many of them need employees, you will have a wide selection of countries where you can find employment, even outside of Europe.

Promotions Happen All the Time

The promotions that are available through the oil and gas industry are plenty. Many people are transient workers, and this means there is a constant rollout of old employees and then new ones coming in to take their spots. That means if a job opens up that you are interested in, and you are already working for the company, you could find yourself with a promotion very fast.

You Have Your Choice of Desired Periods to Work

Many oil and gas operations are active at sporadic periods of time, which means you stand a chance at working on cycles. For example, many employees choose to work for six months and then take six months off before working again. And due to the fact that the wages are so high, you have a reasonable opportunity to make enough money for the entire year in those six months, and still have enough to put away for retirement.

Fly In at the Company’s Expense

If you do decide to work periodically at an oil and gas site, the company will fly you in to your destination for free. This means you won’t have to worry about transportation costs to get to your job and then back home.

You will need to complete at least a degree in oil and gas engineering in order to become a professional in the field. One of your responsibilities is to find environmentally and economically friendly ways to recover oil and gas reserves. This is a very important role and, as we have seen, it is one that comes with its perks.

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