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The Top 5 Most High-Tech Offices From Around the World


The Top 5 Most High-Tech Offices From Around the World

Futuristic skyscrapers, secret rooftop gardens, and spaceship campuses. Sound like a Ridley Scott movie? These are all environments and features of the world’s most high-tech corporate offices.

Thanks to the experts at London Offices, we’ve managed to track down five of the world’s most technologically impressive offices. From Cupertino to Covent Garden, read on to discover the world’s most high-tech, cutting edge work environments.

1.     Google’s Covent Garden Office

Google’s new London headquarters contains a secret vegetable garden, a health and fitness centre, and a built-in ‘town hall’ for meetings and presentations. In short, it’s a showcase in how to build an office that’s undeniably very cool.

Located in London’s fashionable Covent Garden, the office is designed for the easiest possible access. Employees can take a train, walk to work, or even ride their bikes to sit in custom ‘bike dryers’ for a comfortable ride home.

2.     HSBC’s Hong Kong Skyscraper

HSBC’s Hong Kong headquarters takes futuristic design to a whole new level. Built in 1983 to replace the company’s aging Hong Kong headquarters, the Main Building, as it’s known to Hong Kongers, looks like something from the sets of Blade Runner.

Step inside and the futuristic design certainly doesn’t stop. From endless zigzagging escalators to incredible views of Victoria Harbour, the HSBC Main Building is one of Hong Kong’s most impressive modern landmarks.

3.     Red Bull’s Amazing Tower Bridge Office

Red Bull is known for its adventurous approach to marketing, sponsoring extreme sports and stunning achievements like Felix Baumgartner’s space jump. Its London office is every bit as cool as its marketing, featuring a stunning modern layout and cool industrial interior design scheme.

4.     Skype’s Incredible San Francisco Office

San Francisco is known as one of America’s design capitals, and Skype’s corporate office certainly lives up to the city’s reputation. From freestanding ‘work pods’ to foosball tables, Skype’s San Francisco office has something for everyone.

Mobile whiteboards are spread throughout the office, giving employees the chance to brainstorm new ideas as they work. Open and collaborative, Skype’s office is the new standard for any modern technology workplace.

5.     Apple’s Upcoming Cupertino Campus

Here’s another Bay Area office, although this time in Cupertino. Tech giant Apple is known for its innovative designs, and its donut-shaped Apple Campus 2 is certainly no exception.

This $500 million corporate office will contain a 3,000-seat café, 2,800,000 square feet of functional floor space, and even a self-contained orchard. Scheduled to open in 2016, the campus will be one of California’s largest tech industry headquarters.




Built in 1983, HSBC’s Hong Kong headquarters is still one of the city’s most futuristic buildings. Image

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