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A Little Off the Top: Options for the Balding

Balding is an inconvenience and an embarrassment for both men and women, but the field of medicine has made more than a few strides towards combating it. Current market-available solutions to baldness each have their own drawbacks to accompany their advantages, and you should consider picking an option that’s closely tailored to your personal situation. However, all of the options presented here are well within the price range of any middle class man or owner, or even those with stricter budgets, if they’re able to start saving up once they see the early warning signs. Of course, you should discuss all options with your doctor or dermatologist; visit the website of a dermatologist to get more information about various procedures.

A Little Off the Top: Options for the Balding

A Pill a Day to Keep Hair Loss Away

In some cases, resolving a dreaded future of baldness is as easy as popping a pill. Prices for hair loss prevention medications can be as low as under a thousand dollars for a yearly supply, and are available in painless pill formats. There’s more than one line of products designed to combat hair loss, and many lines also are available in cheaper, generic brands. You’ll have to shop around with different pharmacists, and potentially, even online, to find the best prices.

Unfortunately, a major drawback to the ‘pill method’ is that it’s ineffective at regrowing already-lost hair. This makes it critical for you to be able to spot the early symptoms of baldness, which can be spotted with means as basic as a do-it-yourself hair count, or as advanced as a physician-administered trichoscopy.

Taking a Knife to the Root of the Problem

For those in need of re-acquiring hair that’s already been lost, the decades-polished hair restoration surgery can prove to be more relevant than pill bottles, and usually involves transplanting your own hair to your scalp. Strip-harvesting is the cheapest surgical option, but runs the risk of scarring and scalp discomfort. The comparatively advanced follicular unit extraction (or FUE) procedure transplants hair in much smaller areas, reducing scarring and related aesthetic defects. However, you’ll pay a higher price for the latter, both in terms of money and in terms of time spent in surgery.

Nonetheless, both strip-harvesting and FUE are averaged at costs of under ten thousand dollars. As a long term solution, it often makes more sense than medication.

Going Incognito About Your Condition

Of course, there’s always the option of buying new hair in the same way that you’d buy a new hat. Wig design has come a long way over time, and, for the purposes of countering baldness, often are custom-designed to fit the wearer’s scalp. Depending on your hair type, you may even be able to get a bargain in pricing, since Indian and Chinese hair types are the most widely available. Unfortunately, Caucasians will end up paying a little more for this option. However, no matter what your ethnicity, wigs remain the cheapest of these three solutions.

Learning to Love It

Of course, sometimes the only thing you need to fear about baldness is the fear, itself. A fully shaved head has been rising in fashion popularity for years, and requires no more maintenance than that already involved in a typical beard-shaving routine. Recent studies have shown that, somewhat ironically, men are more likely to project an air of masculinity if they shave it all off, rather than cling to the fading remnants of their once-noble manes. Celebrities like Karen Gillan and Natalie Portman also have pushed the boundaries for female fashion in this area, making it a viable choice for anyone with the confidence to pull it off.

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