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MTS is taking things to the next level with this ad

Baby just born technology

Funny Baby MTS Commercial Gone Viral

If you haven’t already heard of MTS then you definitely need to check them out! This wireless network has all sorts of great things going on with their network and you can use high-speed devices like tablets, laptops and cell phones anywhere with fast internet. Perhaps the best demonstration of this is the funny video commercial that they produced which is viewable below. Not only do we love this video but we have been sharing it all over the internet and getting a great response. It is interesting to see how creative some people can be and put together something like this. It features a baby taking himself out of the operational room and getting onto a cell phone to snap some pictures and start walking around working on tablets and laptops!!! He loves it and even walks right out of the hospital by himself during the commercial.

Seriously they were genius whoever put this together and we think that you are going to like it as well so you really gotta check it out! Let us know your thoughts on the video in the comments below along with any devices that you would want internet on, who knows, maybe they will read it and grant you a special wish or give you a discount, never hurts to try.

If you have any comments about MTS or experience with them then please also leave some of your feedback so that our community can form a good opinion on them since we already know they are awesome!

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