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Love the Hoff Be the Hoff

Everyone has a favourite memory of David Hasslehoff or a favourite show. Mine has to be knight rider! I always wanted a car like he had and no matter how much I talk to my car, it never talks back. I guess some may call me crazy, but I was determined to be the Hoff! I was never a particularly good swimmer either, so being a lifeguard was totally out of the question. I’m pretty much tone deaf also, so I can’t sing like the Hoff.

So how can I be like the Hoff even though I’m a small person in his godly presence? Well even if you can’t actually be the Hoff, now you can play one of his Hoff branded slot games and that gets you at least a little bit closer! You may not be the Hoff, but this is probably as close to him as you’re going to get so play the game mentioned and enjoy being in the Hoff’s presence!

Can You Handle the Hoff

An infographic by the team at DrVegas with their Celebrity Can You Handle The Hoff Slot Machine

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