Friday , February 5 2016
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Sony PlayStation® 4 Greatness Awaits Campaign


Sony’s New PlayStation® 4 – Something To Get Excited About Whether your an avid gamer or love to control your home media from a single system then the PlayStation® 4  (PS4™) is basically everything you could ever dream of. Recently Sony launched the Official PlayStation® Greatness Awaits campaign which celebrates the ...

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The New Egypt Game: An Exciting Twist On Ancient Egyptian Culture

New Egypt Game

By Robert X. Martini The combination of historical ancient Egyptian facts and today’s technology has produced something ingenious- a new Egypt game highlighting accents sure to gain the attention of almost anyone. This action packed, role playing game has numerous options and preferences to choose from to make anyone’s experience ...

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Battlestar Galactica Online Is Recruiting Millions Of Spacemen

Battlestar Galactica Online

By Melindaa D. Asly Battlestar Galactica was developed in 1978 as a television series, gaining millions of fans as this franchise expanded to encompass novels, comic books, board games and video games. These enthralling Internet versions are some of the most renowned massive multiplayer online games playable today, permitting users ...

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