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July, 2014

  • 25 July

    Window Washer Superheroes


    There are two professions that might seem to have absolutely no connection, but when you look at them a little deeper, they’re more similar than you think. What are these important jobs? Window washers and superheroes. They are always needed and risk their lives to make our days a little ...

June, 2014

  • 13 June

    Exoskeleton Gives New Mobility

      In an emotional and breathtaking start to the FIFA World Cup 2014 festivities in Brazil, the first game was kicked into action by a 29-year-old paraplegic man from São Paulo, Brazil, by the name of Juliano Pinto. The long-time athlete who was injured in an automobile accident in 2006, ...

  • 11 June

    Once Conjoined Twins, Now Co-Smart

    Emily and Caitlin Copeland, twin sisters from Houston, TX, have shared everything throughout their 18 years. It was not a surprise when they were given the honor of representing their fellow Lutheran High North students as co-valedictorians for the Class of 2014. They say that twins share a special bond ...

  • 10 June

    Pearls Before Swine and Hobbes: So #Good!

    Pearls Before Swine is a weekly comic strip found in more than 600 newspapers nationwide, but until a luminary in the cartooning world paid a visit, too many were unfamiliar with this hilarious collection of cartoon misfits. Bill Watterson, creator of the missed and much beloved Calvin and Hobbes series, numbers ...

  • 6 June

    Tetris Turns 30: Where Did the Time Go? Oh yeah…

    Tetris Turns 30

      Oh how I despise you. Loathe you. Want to throw you out of a moving car so that I can turn around and run over you! But then again, we’ve spent so many hours together in your 30 years, and I am always up for the challenge — I’m ...

  • 5 June

    Athena Orchard: Thru Looking Glass, Into Hearts

    Athena Orchard Mirror

    Hope and encouragement are rarely the feelings expressed by a family in mourning over the loss of a child. On the surface, there is nothing to make this situation better. Nothing to bring her back. Nothing to fill that hole in a parent’s or sibling’s heart. But when you look beyond the surface, ...

  • 4 June

    Panera Bread Just Got Really Real

    Panera Bread Co. has decided to become one of the realest of the real in the casual dining, multi-state restaurant business: by 2016, artificial colors, flavors, sweeteners and preservatives — you don’t have to go home, but you can’t stay here. More and more Americans are watching what they put into their ...

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