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North Korea

April, 2013

  • 3 April

    South Korean Hostage Situation With North Korea

    The game of Chicken between North Korea and the US escalates as North Korea suspends access to the Kaesong industrial zone shared with US ally South Korea. According to reports from South Korea’s Unification Ministry, since early Wednesday morning, 446 South Korean workers are stranded at the Kaesong facility waiting ...

March, 2013

  • 29 March

    North Korea Orders Bombs On Standby

    Evidently North Korea and the US are entangled in an intense game of “Chicken” or maybe more appropriately “Who’s Got Bigger Balls?” Recently Kim Jong-un, leader and army marshal of North Korea, has been tossing several threats of bombing the US. In response, America staged mock bombings of Korean soil ...

  • 7 March

    North Korea Continues Threats Of Nuclear Attack On US

    North Korea has continued its threats towards the United States and vows to launch a first-strike nuclear attack against America despite efforts from the U.N Security Council. North Korea threatens to engulf the U.S in a “sea of fire”. An unidentified spokesman for Pyongyan’s Foreign minister confirmed that North Korea ...

January, 2013