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April, 2013

  • 23 April

    Neil Diamond Sings ‘Sweet Caroline’ At Fenway Park

    Baseball teams around the country have been playing Neil Diamond’s “Sweet Caroline” to honor and show support for the people of Boston, but when fans returned to Fenway Park on Saturday, 4/20, were treated to something even better. Neil Diamond himself was present at the Red Sox’s first home game ...

  • 15 April

    Dirk Nowitzki Reaches Historic Milestone

    Dirk Nowitzki reached a major milestone in his NBA and finally started using a razor again Sunday night. Nowitzki became the 17th player in NBA history to join the 25,000-point club during the Mavs’ 107-89 win Sunday against the New Orleans Hornets. Then right after the game he shaved off ...

  • 12 April

    Chicago Bulls End NewYork Knicks Winning Streak

    Nate Robinson scored a season-high 35 points on the way to another Chicago Bulls victory and snapping the Knicks 13-game winning streak, beating New York 118-111 in overtime Thursday night. “It’s over with,” Knicks coach Mike Woodson said. “You can’t win them all.” Carmelo Anthony missed a potential winner at ...

  • 12 April

    LSU cornerback Tyrann Mathieu Can’t Remember Every Failed Drug Test

    Former LSU cornerback Tyrann Mathieu has reportedly admitted to at least one NFL team that he failed so many drug tests in college he couldn’t even remember them all, according to a report by USA Today Sports. An assistant coach for one of the teams that interviewed Mathieu told the ...

  • 12 April

    AJ Hawk Says Rodgers Worth Every Penny

    Feared linebacker Aj Hawk of the Green Bay Packers thinks his good friend and quarterback Aaron Rodgers deserves every penny he’s due to make from the contract extension the team plans on offering. “Let’s be honest, all of us minions have nothing that we can offer Aaron that would even ...

  • 10 April

    Brazil To Miss FIFA Deadline for World Cup Stadiums

    Looks like Brazil is in a bit of trouble. Over half a million tickets have been purchased for the June Confederate Cup.Unfortunately, the Brazilian host has not yet completed the main stadium that is used for the  practice of the 2014 World Cup. One the day before the FIFA deadline, ...

  • 10 April

    Cody Zellers Enters Draft

    I am sure you have already heard the name Zeller in relation to basketball before. With stars such as Luke and Tyler Zeller, of course. But now, there is a new Zeller to watch out for. Cody Allen Zeller is a sophomore basketball player for the Indiana Hoosiers men’s basketball ...

  • 9 April

    Louisville Over Michigan

    Did you tune in to catch the NCAA game last night? I know that myself, and millions others did. If you did not, shame on you! Let me fill you in. Louisville and Michigan both came to play last night. Both teams were relentless in their efforts to get on ...

  • 5 April

    Josh Hamilton Gets Booed

    Former Texas Rangers slugger Josh Hamilton was greeted with plenty of boos by a sellout crowd at Rangers Ballpark in Arlington in the outfielder’s first trip to Texas since signing with the Los Angeles Angels during the offseason. After the Rangers’ 3-2 win, Hamilton made things worse for himself with Rangers fans in his postgame news ...

March, 2013

  • 28 March

    Umenyiora Agrees To Falcons Deal

    Giants’ defensive end, Osi Umenyiora agrees to a two year deal with the Falcons. After 10 seasons in New York, where he gained two Super Bowl titles, two Pro Bowls and 75 regular-season sacks, the former Troy University defensive end will finally be able to use his Atlanta-area home year ...

  • 27 March

    Tim Tebow Offered Movie Role

    We all know Timothy Richard “Tim” Tebow as an American football quarterback for the New York Jets of the National Football League. We also know that Tebow is a Christian man and is not shy about expressing and speaking about his faith and beliefs. This is one of the things ...

  • 27 March

    Jeter No Longer Has A Return Date

     In case you are unaware Derek Jeter from the New York Yankees has not been playing lately. Why you may ask? Jeter suffered from a fractured ankle and has yet to fully recover. Jeter was injured in the Game 1 of the ALCS against the Tigers, but the plan was for Jeter ...