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April, 2013

March, 2013

  • 29 March

    Google Glasses Available To Public at the End of 2013

    Google Glasses

    Google Glasses Available To Public at the End of 2013 Google Glass aka Google Glasses have you heard of them? Well unless you’ve been living on another planet (which is not possible yet) you should really step your Tech News Game up… seriously! Well luckily for you my TNG (Tech ...

  • 29 March

    FBI Seeks To Monitor Real-Time Chat

    How many of you remember reading George Orwell’s 1984 where the government kept strict tabs on every individual? Or maybe you seen the movies V for Vendetta featuring Natalie Portman or Eagle Eye staring Shia LaBeouf? If both of these references are lost on you just know both films contain ...

  • 28 March

    Google Launches Same-Day Delivery Service

    Tech giant Google Inc has launched a new same-day delivery service in the San Francisco Bay Area on Thursday and has teamed up with retailers such as Target Corp to compete with e-commerce leader Inc. Google has been testing the new service, called Google Shopping Express, for months with ...

  • 11 March

    Douglas Adams Honored With Google Doodle

    Legendary writer Douglas Adams, author of “The Hitchhiker’s Guide To The Galaxy,” is being honored with his very own Google Doodle on his birthday. He would have been celebrating his 61st birthday today. The interactive Google Doodle released on Monday dives deep into the legend that is Douglas Adams. The ...

  • 8 March

    Google’s Motorola Mobility Cuts 1,200 Jobs

    Tech giant Google has cut 1,200 jobs from the Motorola Mobility company it recently bought, which amounts to a little bit over ten percent of the work force, according to the Wall Street Journal, in a move that aims to return the company to profitability. An email was sent to ...

  • 6 March

    Google Stock Hits All Time High

    Google Inc., the company that Eric Schmidt and Larry Page built, is riding pretty high these days. Google shares hit an all-time closing high of $821.50 on Monday, and some analysts are predicating that the company could soon hit the $1,000 mark. The recent surge comes thanks to it’s Android ...

  • 4 March

    Miriam Makeba Honored With Google doodle

    Miriam Makeba, singer and campaigner for civil rights, has been honored with her very own Google Doodle. Makeba was born in Johannesburg on 4 March, 1932. She was an outspoken critic of the South African government and frequently called for the end of apartheid. Makeba spoke out so much that ...

February, 2013