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June, 2013

May, 2013

  • 24 May

    Zappos Adds Mobile Features on Apple iOS App

    Earlier this month, Las Vegas-based Zappos released an update update to its app for Apple’s iOS which improves a mobile shopper’s control over his online account. The subsidiary announced on its website:  “In addition to being able to modify saved billing information and saved shipping address information, users can ...

April, 2013

  • 5 April

    Apple iRadio Competition For Pandora

    According to sources, Apple is very close to creating a streaming deal with, not one, but two, major music labels. The deal may far surpass the benefits that labels currently receive from Pandora. Apple has recently been in negotiation with labels on the terms of the deal and thus far ...

February, 2013

  • 6 February

    World First – Mobile App That PAYS You!

    iLivingApp…The Mobile App That PAYS You Now In Global Pre Launch Mobile Apps for smart phones have been experiencing explosive growth, with mobile apps becoming the newest path to wealth creation for app makers.  For the first time, it is the app user who can make money by tapping into ...

January, 2013

  • 17 January

    Best Energy Saving Apps For iPhone

    The recent rise in technology has made life a lot easier for people today. Thanks to the advancement in smartphones, we are now more connected than ever, with anything we want to know literally at our fingertips. With the use of apps, consumers have the ability to to learn more ...

  • 17 January

    Top 3 Moving Apps For iPhone

    When Apple kicked off the smartphone race with their innovate iPhone, our lives were forever changed. Instead of having to search around for the information we needed, it was now available right in our hands. With the launch of the app store in 2009, developers were able to create downloadable ...

  • 15 January

    4 Mobile Apps Every Reporter Should Use in 2013

    The advent of the Smartphone changed the way journalism gets done. The apps currently available allow more and more journalistic duties to be done in the field or on the go. It saves time and allows real time reporting from the most exotic of locations. Here are four of the ...

  • 14 January

    Best Energy Efficient Apps For Smartphones

    With the rise of technology and smartphones, life has gotten a little easier for people living today. Our phones are now able to give us the latest information on anything we choose to keep up with, be it sports, news, movies, television shows, and more. Smartphones and their plethora of ...

  • 9 January

    Understanding iPhone 5

    When discussing smartphones, it’s impossible not to include iPhone 5 in your considerations. Apple’s latest device recently opened to much fanfare and record sales in China, having sold successfully across America and Europe prior to that. So, with this in mind, what does the modern smartphone have to offer? As ...

September, 2012