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March, 2014

February, 2013

  • 6 February

    How to Get The Most Out Of Reading Week

    Many students see Reading Week as a time when they can get some much needed R&R, away from the stresses of deadlines and early morning lectures. But countless numbers of students aren’t utilising this time off at all and are instead choosing to sit in front of the telly – as if ...

January, 2013

December, 2012

  • 4 December

    7 Ways to Personalize Your College Digs

    Starting college is always an amazing experience, but it can sometimes be dampened by realizing that you’ve switched the cosy comforts of home for a drab bare room. So if your dorm is in need of a little spicing up, then here are 7 tips to get it personalized and looking fab! Display Your ...

October, 2012

  • 17 October

    Student Issues of this Election

    There is only three weeks left until the presidential election. Last night, both candidates had a final chance at persuading the nation with the final debate. Issues such as job creation and foreign policy were hot topics if the night. In this election, it is important for students to understand ...

  • 15 October

    How College Students Can Make Some Extra Cash

    In this day and age, you have to have a hustle and two jobs just to make it. There are many ways students can make a little money on the side by using skills and knowledge of social media! Here are a few ways you can make some extra cash: ...

  • 3 October

    How Students Can Save Throughout the School Year

    Inspired by the article in Yahoo Finance, “25 Simple Ways to Save $1000”, I started to think of some ways college students can save throughout the year.0 These little things have helped me save some money and I’m sure they could help you. The little pennies can help you in ...

  • 3 October

    Coupons, anyone?

    I scream! You scream! We all scream for COUPONS. Yea, you read it right, coupons. God’s gift to cheap skates, mom’s, and college students. What were people doing before coupons, paying full price. Woah. I used to work at a grocery store and witnessed many people save a load on ...

  • 3 October

    Can you hear me now?

    Growing up leads to more responsibility, one being the management of finances, and paying bills. Yea, we all hate that word. It’s a hard concept to grasp that one has to actually pay to ..well, live. It sucks, but it’s a part of life. As being college students, having a ...

  • 3 October

    Manage Your Debt

    College students are easily targeted for credit cards offers and loans. Companies advertise “Free Sign Up” or “Pay Nothing for 6 Months!” as schemes to get your money. These are quite appealing to a young mind, but can quickly turn into debt. On top of school, work, and all other ...

September, 2012

  • 20 September

    Big Bank vs. Small Credit Union

    Everywhere we turn there is a bank or ATM on the corner. As students, most of us seem to inherit our parent’s banks instead of searching for the one that offers the most benefits for college students. Credit Unions are becoming more common and are starting to offer more options ...

  • 17 September

    Are you building your assets?

    College is the best time of our lives. Literally, this is the time where we can make mistakes and bounce back from them. College is also the perfect time to build credit, savings, and create assets. Many students are focusing on their future careers, but don’t take the time to ...