Friday , February 12 2016
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Tips for Men

Spotlight: 2013 Fall Collection for Parish


Hey Dreamers,  I recently attended a private viewing of the 2013 Fall Collection for Parish clothing brand. This event took place at Parish Showroom in the garment district in New York City. The Showroom was very spacious and decorative. It was sponsored by Creme Magazine and Smoke Liqueur.

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How to Keep Your Emotions from Controlling Your Finances When Getting Married!

Controlling Your Finances While Getting Married

 Read below for a few tips to controlling your finances when getting married without letting your emotions get the best of you.There are several things you can do in order to protect your assets and financial stability for you and your loved ones while controlling your finances when getting married. Wedding Bells: ...

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Home Remedies For Clear Skin


While there are products out on the market geared towards blemish free skin, for every one that works, there are countless others that don’t. I know, probably better than anyone, what works for one person, doesn’t work for every person. I have always suffered from sensitive skin so about a ...

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Sexual Dysfunction in Women: Will a Little Blue Pill Work?

blue pill

It’s not unusual for women to experience sexual dysfunction as they mature. The good news is that the cause behind this dysfunction is often a natural one that can be treated with time, attention to other conditions and even mental-health counseling. If you are having difficulty becoming aroused or are ...

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Want a Nice Mudroom? 5 Steps to Get One in Your Home


First, do you know what a mudroom is? I only ask that because I had no idea the first time I heard the word mudroom. Of course when it was explained, it made perfect sense, and now that I knew what it was, I remembered that I had always wanted ...

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What Not to Do When Setting Websites Live

Setting Websites Live

My title is kind of a loaded one considering there are tons of things you shouldn’t do when setting any website live. Things like not copying numbers, IP address, nameservers BEFORE you change them over. Of course that is just one I’m thinking of because, well, I recently did that. ...

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