Saturday , February 6 2016


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Spotlight: 2013 Fall Collection for Parish


Hey Dreamers,  I recently attended a private viewing of the 2013 Fall Collection for Parish clothing brand. This event took place at Parish Showroom in the garment district in New York City. The Showroom was very spacious and decorative. It was sponsored by Creme Magazine and Smoke Liqueur.

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Tumblr Sensation is an 83 Year Old Stylish Man?


He’s 83 years old, he lives in Berlin, Germany and he’s a style icon! Yes,believe it! He has his own following and everything. Photographer Zoe Spawton has started a tumblr page named ” What Ali Wore” where she takes photos of Ali’s street style. And apparently people like his style! ...

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Celebrities and DUI: What’s The Attraction?

Celebrities and DUI

Celebrities have received public attention for their indiscretions over the past several decades, but the increase in DUI or DWI arrests among celebrities has skyrocketed over the past ten years. In fact, celebrity drunk driving arrests have become so common place that there are multiple websites that publish an annual ...

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Major Government Network Security Disruptions due to Lockheed Martin, #1 Pentagon Supplier + Global Good Message from GGE CEO


Lockheed Martin is having some major computer network problems, bad news for the government and the Pentagon who uses Lockheed as their main supplier for technology. Also check out our security resource list to protect yourself online and special message from Josh Bois CEO Global Good Enterprises to the world about the importance of information security in the future.

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