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May, 2014

  • 26 May

    The $5 College Degree

    Jessie White had only one thing standing between her and a coveted degree from Beal College.  But that’s common, right? For many of us, the delays only feed our anticipation for enjoying graduation season with our dearest friends and family. Most college graduates expect one or two of these inconvenient ...

February, 2013

December, 2012

  • 4 December

    7 Ways to Personalize Your College Digs

    Starting college is always an amazing experience, but it can sometimes be dampened by realizing that you’ve switched the cosy comforts of home for a drab bare room. So if your dorm is in need of a little spicing up, then here are 7 tips to get it personalized and looking fab! Display Your ...

November, 2012

  • 8 November

    How to Stay Motivated While Studying

    Keep Your Eye on the Prize While Studying Online Pursuing an education online has become a popular option today. It is less expensive than traditional college or university study. Flexibility is another major reason that students of all ages are choosing online education. From high school to returning adults, this ...

October, 2012

  • 20 October

    Tips for Balancing Work and Tertiary Study

    Handling College Like a Grown-Up Making the decision to go back to school as a working adult is a brave and smart one. Earning a college degree opens up personal and professional doors that are currently closed. It virtually guarantees eventual promotions and pay raises at work. Some businesses even ...

  • 11 October

    Top 4 Ways to Excel in College

    Each year, millions of students become college graduates. If you don’t want to get lost in the crowds, you need to do things that the crowds aren’t doing. Try these four, to start: 1. 1.) Get Involved in a Group/Club Freshman Year…and Stick with It! Extracurricular activities look great on ...

  • 9 October

    Student Loan Info

    “Take action and get your student loan payment reduced today!” The dreaded Student Loan. If your planning on attending college, and your parents aren’t rich, then you will most likely be signing up for a Student Loan. Student loans were created to help students pay for university tuition, books, and living expenses. ...

  • 6 October

    Top Accounting Tips for Small Businesses

    As a small business owner, you may think that it’s a good idea to pursue your business degree online, and you’d be right. While it’s always a good idea to receive formal training in accounting, you don’t have to wait until you earn your degree to set up a proper ...

  • 6 October

    3 Steps to a Stress-Free School Schedule

    College is not for the unorganized, and even the most meticulous student can let certain things slip through the cracks every now and then. Planning ahead and preparing wisely can make a world of difference, and we’re going to tell you how to do it. Here are three little tricks ...

  • 3 October

    How to Become a Forensic Nurse

    Forensics is the practice of using science or technology to investigate civil or court cases. Forensic nurses are registered nurses who have specialized in medical cases that are the result of neglect or violent crime, such as sexual assault, elder abuse, child abuse, and domestic violence. They also provide assistance ...

September, 2012