Thursday , February 11 2016
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Supporters Help Raise Money For Planned Parenthood

Planned Parenthood

When Susan G. Komen decided to cut breast screening grants to Planned Parenthood, they never thought the backlash would be this bad. Supporters of the Health Organization have rallied behind the group, and the group has received $400,000 in smaller donations from 6,000 people, $250,000 from The Amy and Lee Fikes’ Foundation in Dallas ...

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Cruise Ship Sinking After Running Aground In Italy

cruise ship 4

A luxury cruise liner has slowly started sinking after running aground near the coast of Giglio, Italy with 3,200 passengers aboard the ship. The cruise ship Costa Concordia had sailed from the port of Civitavecchia near Rome on Friday morning when it hit rocks near the Tuscan island of Giglio. The Italian coast guard ...

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Olympic Organizers Limit Social Media Use By Volunteers


Olympic organizers are taking a different stance on social media for the 2012 London games, and are banning volunteers from sharing details about their experiences on Twitter, Facebook and other social networks. Many volunteers recently received letters stating that they are allowed to disclose the fact that they are volunteers of ...

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Syrian Crackdown On protesters Results In 20 Deaths

Syrian protests

The Syrian government came down hard on protesters in the city of Homs today, resulting on 20 protesters losing their lives. The people have been protesting President Assad’s rule for months now, and they want him out of power. The Arab League has condemned the attacks against protesters, and has repeatedly called on President ...

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Moody’s downgrades three French banks


The US isn’t the only place that is getting its credit rankings lowered. Three French banks just had their Moodys credit rankings downgraded. The organizations include  BNP Paribas,Société Générale and Crédit Agricole. BNP Paribas and Credit Agricole were taken down to Aa3 and Socgen was downgraded to A1 after a review that they ...

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