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10 Easiest Languages For English Speakers

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happyIf you want to learn a new language then I would encourage you. Learning a new language has many benefits. One benefit is that learning a new language raises the chances of you being able to have a higher salary. Another benefit is that people who know more than one language are known to be able to make decisions more quickly. One more cool plus is that people who know mulitple languages are less likely to develop mental disabilies.

The English language is closely related to many Germanic and Romance dialects, so when it comes to language study English speakers aren’t starting from scratch. Anne Merritt lists the 10 easiest to pick up.

1. Afrikaans

2. French

3. Spanish

4. German

5. Dutch

6. Norwegian

7. Portuguese

8. Frisian

9. Esperanto

10. Italian

We English speakers have a bad reputation in the world of language. A European Commission survey was conducted n 2012. Sixty one percent of British respondents could not speak a second language. This means that we limit ourselves in so many ways. In many other countries around the world, natives are at least bi -lingual. Each of these languages listed above have common alphabets, structure, and vocabulary, foreign languages can be relatively easy for English speakers to learn.

With learning a new language, the possibilites are endless!

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