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10 Photos That Compel You To Vist Egypt

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The Sphinx
The Classic Sphinx Face
Egypt evokes images of desert sands, camels and pyramids, all within the mysterious atmosphere and whispers of mummies, crypts and ancient tombs. Egypt is a wonderful destination that many people go on holiday to also offers perpetual sun and shimmering mirages.
Stunning Sun Set Over the Pyramids
Stunning Sun Set Over the Pyramids
Egypt is full of culture and offers an insight into how our ancient ancestors once lived. One way to soak it all up is to take day trip to the pyramids.
Egypt Tombs
Egyptian Tombs Are a Stunning Sight
See the tombs in the Valley of the Kings on the West Bank of the river. This is where the infamous Howard Carter explored the tombs in Nov 1922, where he first looked through a hole to see the “wonderful things” in Tutankhamun’s chamber.
Stunning Sharm el Sheikh
Stunning Sharm el Sheikh Beaches
Sharm El Sheikh is probably the most popular place to stay in Egypt, where it offers amazing beaches and breath-taking waters, packed with colourful exotic fish – this is due to Egypt boasting the world’s second largest coral reef.
Amazing Shells
Amazing Marine Life ..Check That One Out ! Massive Perch
Snorkelling the reef is a wonderful experience but if you’re looking for bigger fish, charter fishing is definitely on the cards. Haul in a giant Nile Perch in Egypt, and make it a dream holiday with amazing backdrops. But be prepared for a lengthy, hard fight (especially if you’ve never fished) if you hook into something big – these deep ocean monsters are extremely powerful compared to game fish.
Super Hotels
Super Hotels to Relax By ..That Could be You !
Egypt also offers amazing 5-star hotels, and their resorts will take care of your every need. Whether it’s a dip in the pool, a spa day or a massage after the gym, Egypt’s hotels and resorts have it covered.
Amazing Looking With Shopping Malls Lots to Buy !
Shopping is also popular in Egypt, mainly at Sharm El Sheik’s Soho or Cairo. There you’ll find a mix of top designer stores and the more traditional markets, where you’ll be expected to haggle for a decent price.
Balloon Ride
Balloon Ride
A taxi doesn’t have to be your main mode of transport; take an amazing hot-air balloon ride over the Valley of the Kings or jump upon the back of a camel and ride through the villages of the West Bank.
The Big One The Nile !
The Big One The Nile !
Egypt is also famed for its River Nile. You can take in the beautiful scenery by going on a cruise from Aswan to Luxor. Here you can sightsee in total luxury whilst relaxing as all your comforts are attended to.
Clubbing in Egypt
Clubbing in Egypt
Whatever you decide to do, from a culture packed adventure to a total dip into decadence with endless pampering, shopping and sunbathing, Egypt will entertain on all levels. Egypt is very easy to get to as well so see what deal you can grab and see you on the Nile !

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