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2012 Blackberry Draft Watch Experience

Last Thursday night was the first round of the NFL draft. It’s the time of the year where athletes, agents, marketing pros, and groupies hang out in all the same spots! I being a sports fan don’t mind sitting back with a beer just watching the draft (even though its 4 hour long). Either way some of colleges’ greatest football players spend this night seated close to the television and telephone waiting with great anxiety to find out whether they’ve been draft into one of the world’s most exclusive sports league, the NFL.

I attended the Blackberry NFL Draft Experience Event located at 404 Lounge owned  by a friend of a friend of a friend, who happen to all be Alphas. Upon arrival I found myself waiting in line for over 30 minutes. So much for being an early bird! I noticed a line full of men dressed to the nines with sharp tailored suits, nice shiny shoes, and elaborate ties. I got skipped in line by three guys who thought to take it upon themselves to make their own line. But with the promise of  an open bar courtesy of Guiness Black & Grey Goose I figured let them be.
Upon entering there was a bit of confusion as somepeople in line had thought they were on the list when they were in fact not. Yes, including the three guys who skipped me in line. Oh how karma is such a you know what! I, on the other hand was able to enter without a problem. Can I just say there is nothing like being greeted with a nice cold beer! The event had girls carrying buckets of Guiness Black in pails full with ice. When I walked in I grabbed a beer and headed to look for coat check. Only problem was, there was no coat check, at least when guests started to arrive. I asked the ladies checking the guests in and was told to come back.  With that being said I proceeded to find a seat.

The venue is fab! Very miami vice chic. All black everything, more like all white everything! White sofas, white floors, white railings, white stairs, and white ceiling. Everything was white. 404 Lounge is definitely a chic lounge for hosting events. The DJ was playing some pop/R&B mix and there was a red carpet photo op section, a vendor section with gift bags for VIP clientele with accessories like Ralph Lauren ties , and a room where guests could try out and explore the new Blackberry Tablet. I found a comfy seat right in front of the huge projection screen broadcasting the NFL Draft live. Next to me a guy who was there to market his private jet company to potential clients i.e. football players. We began chatting and he explained to me the keys of being successful in marketing as well as networking. The event had servers  who went around serving delicious hors d’oeurves of fried mac and cheese, teriyaki chicken, and chicken fingers. He also explained that the room was fill of people in marketing trying to sign athletes to their brand. I told him that if I was an athlete coming out to this type of event I wouldn’t want people hounding me just to sign me to a product. I want free drinks, good music, and good people around me. Either way the night was delightful.

I spied Power 105.1’s Cherry Martinez, and NY Jet Josh Baker FB/TE #45. I thought his style was familiar however I still can’t pinpoint who it reminds me of but he looked comfortable and casual in his khaki canvas jacket and white sneakers.  The Lounge was definitely full of its fair share of half dressed ladies wearing their shortest dresses possible. I guess they where trying to make an impression on the potential athletes, both pro and collegiate, who might have shown up at the event. I watched as they all proceeded straight from the entrance all the way to the back leading to the VIP section upstairs. Not surprised at all, after all this is part of Jackpot season for the professional gold diggers! Either way the night was full of fun and great connections.

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