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4 Fantastic Perfumes for Summer 2012

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Summer is the perfect time to sample the wealth of wonderful fragrances available, and no scent conveys the fresh, intoxicating aromas of summer as well as citrus. The citrus category contains many unique varieties, and citrus can be incorporated into perfumes in many tantalizing ways. The light aromas of tangerine and lemon lend the perfume sweet, zesty notes. Grapefruit and orange are valued for their crisp, fruity aromas. The deep, spicy elements of bergamot, makes it one of the most popular of the citrus family of scents. Combined with floral aromas and other soft scents, these perfumes make a delicate fragrance perfect for the hottest months of the year.
The clean, ultra feminine scents of citrus are invigorating and refreshing. These four fragrances are packed with the bursting aromas of citrus that will leave you smelling deliciously fresh all summer long.

Calvin Klein Obsession

Obsession by Calvin Klein is a robust fragrance, evoking an ardent sensuality. The warm, spicy bergamot notes are intermingled with musky sandalwood and orange blossoms. Subtle vanilla and jasmine scents complement the lively citrus aromas, completing the contrast of desire and sophistication.

Obsession The Classic Fragrence
Obsession The Classic Fragrence

Burberry Weekend

Burberry has nothing less than an elegant perfume in their notable fragrance, Weekend. Burberry Weekend incorporates a light bouquet of citrus follwing fashion trends for cirus perfume. Notes of robust grapefuit, hints of sweet tangerine, and juicy lemon are woven into this famous blend. Undertones of warm amber radiate through this scent, achieving an overall effect of rest and relaxation, a perfect weekend.

Burberry Crisp and For Summer

Elizabth Arden

Nothing conveys the juicy, bursting flavors of citrus so well as Elizabth Ardens 5th Avenue Perfume. The refined grapefruit notes carry a hint of intoxicating floral aromas, making this favorite a joyous summer fragrance that is hard to resist.

Intoxicating and Floral Great for The Hot Summer Weather

Jennifer Lopez Glow

Get a Good Glow for the Hazy Months
The overwhelming notes of the Jennifer Lopez scent, Glow, are of grapefruit, but this perfume also incorporates the fresh, summery fragrances of rose, vanilla and jasmine. The mingling of the fragrances is subtle, resulting in a soft, sensual blend. This perfume is definitely designed to bring out your most sexy and feminine side this summer.

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