5 Top Tips on Travelling Light For Business

With low cost airlines and train fares, it makes it more affordable for people to travel around the country and the globe for work.  However, there are stricter baggage allowances with some airlines charging customers to put their hand luggage (if it is too big) to check in your bag.  It is important to travel light, but when you have all your business documents and work clothes, it can be difficult.  Here are just a few tips on how to travel light for business:

1) Photo books

You may be travelling for a few weeks or even months at a time but you still have to stick to the baggage allowance, 20kg with easyJet, 23kg with airlines such as Qantas and 30kg with Emirates.  For those that are away for a long time, it can be hard as you will miss family and friends.  Instead of taking away a photo album with you, make a photo book. You can do this with many companies such as Bob Books, Jessops, even Apple offer this service but theirs is more expensive.  You can make a compact photo book, one that can even fit in your pocket so you can carry it with you when you travel.

2) Back up to the cloud

You should really have two backups, one to an external hard drive and one to the cloud. If your hard drive is really big, then you will need to back up to the cloud, or the virtual server. This can be a secure server that you have registerd your details with or some people refer to the cloud as your online area such as Google docs.  Many people email documents to themselves so all they need to do when they reach their destination is print it out.

3) Slideshare

This has to be one of the most useful inventions for sharing online.  When doing presentations for large groups of people, this is a quick way to share your work.  Plus you get to have a nice clean vanity URL which links back to your account.  You can have many presentations on your account and it helps to promote your online profile

4) Tweet and Facebook  

For those that do not have a slideshare account (even if it is really easy to set up), you can always share key take aways from your presentation via Facebook and Twitter.  This way you can divide your presentation into manageable sections. People can easily access the areas of the presentation most useful for them and their business.

5) Print In Your Destination

If you are working on an important presentation, you will want to have hard copies with you to give to your clients.  However, if you are restricted on weight, you should use a local printing company to print and bind all your documents. It is much more professional to have a printing company help you rather than do it yourself.

Snap offer printing in Adelaide, Sydney, Melbourne, Perth in Australia.   Next time you are travelling within Australia, visit your local Snap business centre to see how they can help you with your business.


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