6 of the World's Best Places to Visit this Christmas

Christmas is a time of joy. It is best to put your stress and anxiety behind and start visiting the best places in the world that best symbolize this season of joy. Before getting ready with your credit card and book a flight, take a look at the various places that you should visit. These places are full of magic that will give you that good feeling of how wonderful Christmas can be.

Lapland Finland
Lapland Finland


Lapland, Finland

This frigid place is where holiday travelers find solace and warmth during Christmas. Lapland is the place where the fantasies of Christmas come alive. This town in Finland plays host to two major Santa Claus theme parks: The Santa Claus Village and Santa Park. This town draws throngs of people all over Europe and the world where kids of all ages are amazed at the ice sculptures and specialty shops. Just do not forget to take your camera with you so you could treasure these wonderful moments in your Instagram and Facebook account.

San Fernando, Pampanga, the Philippines

Dubbed as the Christmas capital of the Philippines San Fernando city in the province of Pampanga is glittered with dancing Christmas lanterns. Using Christmas lights, the people in the town show their creativity by creating a giant lantern which represents the star of Bethlehem which the wise men used to navigate so they can pay homage to the newly born Christ. Sample the warm hospitality of Filipinos who are known to celebrate the longest Christmas season in the world that starts on December 16 and ends on January 6.

Amsterdam, the Netherlands

Why not visit the birthplace of Sinterklass or better known as Santa Claus. Visit the city as it spruces up for visitors for the holidays. This city comes alive as the Dutch celebrate Christmas like no other. As canals freeze up people would gather and have an ice skating party. If you are much into ice skating, better visit this place during Christmas season and have the best Christmas ever. Make sure as well to bring your ice skating gears and your winter clothes to protect you from the freezing climate there.

Rockefeller Center, New York, USA

The Rockefeller Center is home to the most famous Christmas tree in the world. This tree which has been the centerpiece and representative of American Christmas is one of the most filmed trees of all time. People gather to adorn the tree each year as a symbol of solidarity and unity. If you are traveling with your kids, this place is perhaps the best to visit this Christmas season.  Certainly, your children will have this as their most memorable Christmas as they get the chance to see the most Christmas tree in the whole world.

Cologne, Germany

Cologne’s town square comes alive during Christmas. All of Cologne puts up decorations and light their city up for the celebrations. It is a great time for families to come together and renew bonds or to connect with old and new friends. Visiting this place is definitely one of the best ways to reduce your holiday stress this Christmas season as the place offers much for you to enjoy and have the most unforgettable Christmas in your whole life.

London, England

Aside from the tree at Rockefeller Center, the tree at the heart of London is meaningful. Not only is it a symbol of peace but also of brotherhood. It is a gift to Londoners by the people from Norway for their help during World War II. Each year Norwegians transport a tree to be displayed in London since the end of the war.
Everyone dreams of a great Christmas. But there is no better place to be this Christmas than in your own home together with family and friends. Having the people close to your heart is the best place to be this holiday season. You do not have to suffer from much stress and anxiety for thinking that you do not have enough to spend this holiday season.  Just be in your own home and allow yourself to be surrounded by your friends and loved ones. After all, home is where the heart is.
About the Author:
Ryan Rivera used to suffer from anxiety attacks for seven years.  He now dedicates his life helping those who suffer from stress, anxiety and panic attacks through his writings.  You can read more of his articles at Calm Clinic.

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