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Apple.com homepage iPhone 5 take over and new iPhone page

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Apple.com homepage iPhone 5 screenshots before it goes back to normal

For all of you who may be at work or did not get a chance to see apple.com today, it is now featuring the iPhone 5 on the homepage. It will likely only be like this for the coming few hours or day or two. The new iPhone 5 is out and everybody is very excited. Everything from an increased battery life to a bigger screen makes this phone quite amazing. Apple is very excited to get this product in front of the world and has put everything on the line. We have covered the iPhone 5 launch in other articles on Global Good Group ( iPhone 5 Launch and Foo Fighter Performance at its launch ) and we felt this article was necessary due to Apple bringing this to market.
Here at the Global Good Network we love iPhones and many apple products and are thankful for the engineers thought process and detail orientation that has made this amazing product come to life. We cannot wait to get our hands on it and it will be hard to wait several weeks or more for it!
We hope you all have a great day and can rest easy knowing the new facts about the iPhone 5 and getting to read all about it on Apple’s site. I don’t know about you but I love scraping through every little new detail about iPhones when they come out and this is no different. The facts are online and we are going through all of them to know everything about this game changing device. The iPhone 4 and 4s are basically quite future proof, as much technology as you really do need to be very productive and capable while on the go. This newcomer ups that to a whole new level!

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