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Bupa Getting The World Walking

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If  you haven’t already seen the Bupa video about the “greatest walker alive” then you definitely need to. They introduce a character known as “Chad Strider” who soon becomes the world’s best walker celebrity and then goes through a hard time. It is completely comical but takes you through the typical journey of a celebrity rising up and then falling. They even have him featured on tv spots and commercials and it is completely hilarious.
The goal is just to get people walking even if it takes some comedy to get them up and at it. We recommend checking out the video, which we have placed below, so that you can have a few laughs with your friends. Don’t forget to share this all over so everybody else can have a good laugh too.
It makes you think a bit of Anchor Man and Ron Burgundy since this Chad Strider character has a pretty big mustache. Anyways there is a dedicated app on the app store, and yes for all of you Google fans out there on your Android there is an app in the Google play store as well. At first it may throw you off thinking there really was a world champion of walking since it seems so serious but it becomes quite engaging as you get more and more into their ad-campaign. Featured above you can see a screenshot of their video which shows you the cut scenes and more about Chad Strider. Surely it must have been fun to have been included in making the video, let alone how much fun the actor who player Chad must have had. Go online to learn more and watch some videos about this so you can have those laughs too!
Currently they are calling it The Ground Miles app so don’t forget to download it and then learn more about Bupa which provides health insurance and related services.

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