Christmas is Coming a Festive Saving Money Guide

blankEveryone wants to enjoy Christmas, spend time with family and friends, and relax with some time off from work but with the financial burden of it all, many people nowadays make the most of double or triple-pay over Christmas and end up working themselves into the ground just to be able to pay for presents! Here are some tips to make this Christmas different financially but the same to everyone around you. Only you need to know how much ‘stuff’ actually cost, and if it’s going to help your money stretch to the end of January, then you can bounce into the new year with a spring in your step.
Money making tips for Christmas:
1 Make Christmas Presents Yourself – Handmade products are commanding high prices in shops, but if they’re handmade and look good, surely you can spend a weekend collecting materials and equipment and making them yourself? Whether it’s melting wax into candles, making picture frames, baking some weird and wonderful cookies or whatever else you can think of, your friends and family will love the effort that’s gone into it, or they don’t even have to know that YOU made it.
2 Don’t Buy a Tree – No, that doesn’t mean you have to go without the twinkle and sparkle of tinsel and baubles. Pop down to a local farm or landowner and see if they would mind if you cut a tree down trees such as the Eastern red cedar make great holiday trees. Chances are, they might even cut it down for you, transport it to your house or let you have it for free. It might be in the way and they will be happy that it’s gone. Why do people turn their nose at cheap things, but everyone loves things for free?                                                                                                                                                       
3 Use Reward Points or Gift Certificates – Been heading to the same supermarket all year and collected a few thousand points? Redeem them and buy gifts. Supermarkets these days have almost everything and can cater for kids with the toys they have for sale, fine wines for the adults and clothing for others.
4 Wholesale Outlets and Websites – Worried that you have tonnes of food and drink to buy? Do what the retailers do and buy in bulk. You can save £100s by doing this and as long as you research the prices, you can really slice the Christmas budget bill in half this way.
5 Make More Money – Sounds obvious, but no one acts on it. You could leverage currency rates and buy bulk items from a country with a favourable exchange rate. Sell items at car-boot sales or online at eBay, and make a little extra cash. You could put those handmade items up for sale and keep a certain selection back for presents. Anything and everything you can think of making extra money on top of your wages will help.
This proactive way of thinking about having a looming cost come up and dealing with it can lead you into the new year with new ideas. If you’ve left it too long and there is no time to make gifts, then apayday advance can suffice just to see you through to your next wage packet, but if you have time on your hands, then follow the five steps above.

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