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Cooper Tire Offering Visa Reward For Tire Purchases

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This post brought to you by Cooper Tire. All opinions are 100% mine.
If you love your car then you will surely know one of the most important aspects of it are the tires. No matter what kind of car, SUV or truck you ride you need to have tires. Without even just one tire you cannot go anywhere. 
Especially if you are a car fanatic you know that maintaining the quality of your tires is important and Cooper Tires has not only offered up some great tips for protecting your safety in regards to your tires but also some cash back for buying some. Right now you can get up to $80 back when you buy select tires from them and even $40 or $60 for some of their other models.
We encourage  you to check out the Take the Money & Ride page to see more information about how you can actually get cash back for doing the right thing and getting new tires to protect you as we go into winter shortly here. 
Any auto-enthusiast knows that there are several things you need to do in order to drive safely and Cooper Tires reminds us to check the tire pressure on our cars to ensure that things are not under-filled which can lead to irregular tire wear meaning you do not get the  tire mileage that you deserve. Even more importantly you get bad worse gas mileage if your tires are lagging a bit there. On the flip side one must be careful not to over inflate their tires because that too could lead to it popping while you are driving, and at high-speed such as on the freeway this can be fatal. Anyways other tips such as making sure that your wheels are aligned and rotated often enough can save your life.
Its not just about safety, if you like to drive then you want to utilize your car and have some fun. With the right tires you can enjoy some better handling and control yourself better at high speed, not that you would be speeding right 😉
Let us know your thoughts on this sweet deal in the comments below and don’t forget to read more of the Money saving and safety tips that Cooper Tires is offering up!
Watch their official Youtube Video about the Take the money and ride program below:

ARTICLE BY: Josh Bois, Co-Founder Global Good Networks
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