Employee Legal Defense Costs: 5 Reasons to Help Cover Them

In these days of tight budgets and competitive markets, many companies are looking for just about any possible benefit to cut. One of the most common things cut is legal defense for employees. After all, if the courts protect the innocent, why should you chip in? However, failing to defend your employees can be very dangerous – and harmful in the long run.  So why provide legal insurance?
1. Your employees will feel protected
Employees who know that their employer will cover their back in a legal rough spot know that their employer cares about them. Studies have shown that insurance has no bearing on whether or not people actually take risks based on insurance coverage, but that they feel safer when insured. This protection will make your employees like you more, and be happier to work for you.
2. They will feel more important and part of a community
An employee who feels he or she is part of an important and worthwhile team will work harder and worry less. In today’s economy, employee loyalty and teamwork are rare, because most employees think they are disposable and that their employer will do nothing to take care of them. Simple legal insurance is not that expensive, and it ensures that they will feel that you care about them, and that thus they should work their hardest for you.
3. Their work will improve
Studies have shown that people who are working while struggling from a lawsuit are less efficient, work fewer hours, and are less able to concentrate on their work. Additionally, as the case drags on, they will miss more and more days of work, and may be legally detained for long periods in the event of certain crimes and violations. As such, insuring them and ensuring they have proper legal protection in both the criminal and civil realms will ensure they work for you harder and longer.
4. Protect the company
Most people who commit crimes invariably either commit them at work, or bring them to work. This can be disastrous to the company, since the legal system enables employers to be punished for crimes done by their employees or using their materials and equipment. Therefore, by protecting your employees, you also protect yourself, and enable your lawyers to coordinate and protect everyone in the event of on-work site crime.
5. Protect yourself
Just as your company can be held liable for the misdeeds of your employees, so too can you. As such, when you purchase legal insurance or hire a lawyer to protect your employees, you also protect yourself from many sorts of liability. These employees can be properly protected and, if necessary, prosecuted without any need for you and your company to be involved. This ensures that someone elses small problem does not become your big one.
If you are interested in getting legal protection for your employees, check with your local attorney about finding various sorts of legal defense, insurance or long-term legal relationships that would be best for you and your company. You can protect your employees, your company and yourself, all while making your employees feel valued and part of a company that cares about them. It’s not just a smart thing to do – it’s the right thing to do.
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Ann Bailey is a former journalist who writes guest articles for the Arts, Business, and Legal communities.  A contributing writer for www.orlandocriminalteam.com, the nationally positioned legal firm of Katz &Phillips, Ann reviews the various legal fields in which they specialize, including defense for possible employee criminal actions.  The firm, based out of Orlando, Florida, offers legal support for anyone accused of or arrested for state or federal criminal crimes, including internet, white collar, and DUI, in addition to others, covering any of potential employer/employee legal situation risks.

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